Monday, 25 June 2012


Blogger is going crazy on me. Or maybe its my laptop (God, no!!) This is the third time I'm writing this post and patience is running out. Blogger failed to auto save!! When I click save, it hangs on me!!

For the last time. If it doesn't work, forget it. I'll blog next week.


On Fathers Day this year, we went to Thian Court for the buffet dinner. It was in the big hall on the third floor that is normally used for wedding dinners. There were such long queues that it was a turn off. A lot of different food, yes, but super long queues..

It took me 30 mins in the queue for this plate. It was a full plate, but when I brought it back to the table, we all descended upon it like hungry wolves. Can you blame us? And yes, that is Peking Duck, and yes, you're supposed to eat it in a roll like below, I know.

But people are taking the duck meat only AND the roll below. I took both (like everyone else). Everyone had to take a full plate for their families, so each person took about 5 minutes. So really, cannot blame us..

Looks like we're at a wedding dinner reception right?

Tried out Ding Tea at Boulevard. We ordered Passion fruit green tea with pearls. Asked for less sweet/sugar, total price was RM 6.9 for a large, RM 5.9 for medium.

It was nice; still too sweet for me. Maybe I have to ask for zero sugar next time. I don't remember it being so sweet when I had it in Taiwan. The shop is right next to Rainbow Hotel, so one day we bought one to try. Very long queues there too at all times of day and night.

This was what we ordered. Don't remember how much it was damn should have taken a photo of the receipt! Hahah

Looks gross but it tastes good, really. Btw, I'm staying at Rainbow Hotel again this time!! Ahhhh *excited screamm!! *does the dance with Winnie again!!

We have a dance/song sort of that goes along the lines of: we're going to Tai-wann/Bang-kokkk/Kayy-ellll..

Hahha it was fun though. After we bought the tickets, we did the song/dance immediately. Let's do it at the airport yao! Before check in. Lol.

I wanted to try the new steak pizza at Pizza Hut. Lucky I don't fancy your garlic bread much, Pizza Hut, cos you spoilt it for me. Tasted burnt. Yuck. 

Why did they remove breadstick?! It was my life! Part of anyway. I always finish the parmesan breadstick. Big mournful sigh.
Cs lost weight - I'm trying to fatten him up (and me in the process - this is bad).
They didn't have beef, so we settled for chicken. The base is a barbecue sauce, and the sides is filled with cheese (of course). It was delish.

 What do you see when you see this photo below?

A) Two picky eaters.
B) Too much barbecue sauce.
C) Two messy eaters.
D) All of the above!

D was the correct answer. But no lah, actually we are normally not that messy. Just that there was too much barbecue sauce (and onions) and I no like.

But its pizza, and I am biased. So yea, still delish. But, no, I won't order it again- no need to make it permanent.

They can make the Fish King Pizza permanent though!!! Please. please make it permanent!! But then again, maybe not. Cos I would visit Pizza Hut once a week then. :X

When is Pizza Hut going to introduce a points or reward system thingy? I would qualify. A points based card or something. Maybe I should write a letter to suggest hmmm... #serious. In Kuching, I mean. I'm sure they have some system going on in other coutries. There is even an iphone app to order pizza and get 20% off if you use the app. Wtf? I'm sure I can't use it in Kuching though.
Very scary eyebags - been sleeping late recently. Damn. Been going out late recently. Latest was going in bed at about 430am damn. Got to be kwai again!!

Berrylite at Boulevard. This bowl costs RM 16 (if I'm not mistaken). Kiwi, peach and pistachios on strawberry and plain yoghurt. Btw, if you didn't know, Berrylite is 100% nonfat yoghurt from the U.S. Says the website anyway.

 I thought it was a bit more sweeter than Hielo, but better tasting. Hielo has no webpage so I can't find more information for now.

Brought healthy lunch to the office after pizza the next day. =.= Steamed the vegetables (except tomatoes) and added no seasonings. Yum. Is it weird that I find it yum? :)

We also got a new phone, courtesy of Ambank! Thank you! :)

I update more next time after I get more photos from the past weekend..

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