Monday, 4 June 2012

Public holidays in Kuching

 4 days holiday in Kuching! Everyone is rejoicing. Today is finally the last day. Seems so fast. What did I do the past few days? 

Well, I had tuak on Gawai (seems fitting being Iban). This was at Jambu with Winnie and Cs. My first time there actually. I'll blog about the food next time. I'm short on time today. Blogging with a face mask on my face now. Rushing to finish so I can bath, change and go out for dinner with Cs' family.

We also went to Sematan, Lundu, Talang Satang Island with a bunch of friends. Baby turtles! Big thanks to Ryan and Doreen for organizing the trip, and to John and Macy for booking the room at the retreat!

Full post and shitloads of photos next time. Hahha

This was at the retreat at Lundu. I always don't know how to refer to this place. This is the Bank Union's training center. Only their employees can book the rooms (me thinks). That's why thanks to John and Macy.

 Drank every night. Its the holidays what! But not tonight. Its back to work tomorrow so back to normal life from now on..

Also visited Boulevard (like every other Kuching person who wants to see the new block), and yeah finally when there is no other activities planned, I sit down and open my laptop! 

That was my past few days. Short post. I gotta go now lah. Dinner with the in-laws.

K bye.


Anonymous said...

dinner must have been disappointing because i js saw cs's brother at 3rd mile mcd..

Amy said...

winnie ha? Dinner was cancelled.. I ate at Hui Sing hawker stall instead..