Monday, 18 June 2012

I keep meaning to blog..really!

I did. I sat down in front of my laptop a few times and attempted to transfer photos from my phone. Photosync failed me. I got so reliant on Photosync that I kept waiting for it to finish upgrade (or whatever it is doing), instead of using my own cable to transfer photos. Lazy me.

So these past week, I have been busy eating (gained like 2kg FML). No idea how it happened!! Actually, I do. I'm sure the Pizza Hut last night (Sunday) didn't help, or the buffet dinner on Sat (to celebrate father's day at Thian Court) didn't help, or that Big Oven trip with pizza (again!!) didn't help too.

Which is why I packed broccoli, carrots and tomatoes for my lunch today. Steamed the veges and added nothing else. =.= Going for dinner at my parents house later, which is sure to undo my efforts again.

If it is any consolation, I went swimming after the pizza last night. The pool water was kinda disgusting. Soo cloudy - the worst ever since I have moved here. Yucks. The heat no doubt, which made everyone go swimming. Cs and I just happened to be the last two in the pool before the guard applied chlorine. Fan-friggin-tastic.

I also danced quite a lot during the weekend. So nice waking up to a flat tummy on Sat and Sun morning (Good God what happened to me-I used to have a flat tummy every morning!!) But this could be partly because I lau sai-ed (diarrhoea) on Saturday. So oh well. No idea what I ate wrong. 

What else? No photos because Photosync bah. Tonight! Tonight!

I can't wait for holidays!! Grr exactly one more month. I get so jealous of friends going on vacations - lusting over their photos, and then going to open my own photos to pore over, ended up being depressed, then tried to cheer myself up with happy thoughts cos my own vacation is coming up. What the hell??

This is where I am going:

Took the Bangkok photo from Bangkok Success. Click here.

Taipei photo from Tommy Ooi. Credits go to him.

Anyway. Bangkok! Damn looking forward - never been yet. I know right?! Why ever not? I have a feeling I'm going back again real soon.

And Taipei, this time with mum and sis. Visiting grandpa, cousins and relatives. Add in some shopping and eating too. Fun!

Can't wait for both. OK bye.

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