Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mish mash of the past few weekends and other stuff

I have shitload of photos to share from the past few weeks/weekends. Took many, many photos and I tried to select the better looking ones already. 

In no particular order because they are all sort of jumbled up already. My memory isn't all that good post-alcohol. Can you blame me? :) Anyway! Photos shall speak for themselves.

This was at Space. Photo was surprisingly clear because there was an official photographer or something with a DSLR (don't know what the occasion was even). When someone points a camera and ask you to smile, you do! Haha. So yea, photo stolen off Der's FB page.

Kitty on her own high- she's awesome that way. She is like that even without alcohol. Damn geng.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - camwhore in the toilet. 

Self love. Good hair day. I'm using InstaFrame, or was it Framstastic, or Frame your life. Either one. I rotate between these three.

Same mantra - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - camwhore at home.

This was from another night out at Paragon. Note the outfit change. That night we bar hopped around Travillion, just us girls, and ended up at Paragon. We started at Check-in first. 

For future reference, Check In's vodka sprite is damn light - tasted of sprite only. Zebra is very generous, too much really. The vodka sprite tasted of vodka only. So damn kao! (too strong) I had to go back and asked them to add sprite. Paragon is too popular- soo crowded but vodka sprite tasted like shit, so ahhh fook the free drinks. Cyn and me had beer by then.

I think the caption very apt. lol at Steph's expression. Haha behind the scenes indeed.
Winnie and I - proper photo without flash. The photo above of us - flash was the main problem and also my lousy camera lah. I didn't edit much really. The filter didn't make much difference.

My personal assistant holding my sunshade for me. ♥ Thank u baby! Sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve him. Hahha its one thing to realize it myself. Its quite another when your sister tell you: you don't deserve him!! (jokingly, at least I hope she was haha) WTF!! I told Cs immediately and thank God he went: why would she say that?! You love me, you always do things for me.. When I asked yea, what? He had to think for awhile, and I forgot his answer by now. =.=


The weather is SO SO SO hot in Kuching these days! Plus we got haze!!! Fook it. The air we smell everyday and night has that burnt smell. In the beginning, I thought it was temporary. But it has been days. Grr..angry.

I went swimming the other day (trying to exercise and be healthy), but I kept breathing in/smelling that burnt smell. Grr..made me feel worse even. Robbed of our clean, pure oxygen!

Went to Big Oven to try out the pizza. was ok, a bit tasteless. I blame Restaurant Beccari at Merdeka Palace and Bella Italia (and Pizza Hut), for spoiling...and err...refining (maybe not the right word) my pizza taste/standards. I wouldn't go back. I would much rather go to Bella Italia or back to VA. I miss. Kinda.

Outfit change..hmmm another night out? Kitty and I at Check in last Friday night? Or was it Saturday?

Is that a short skirt, or is that a short skirt? Hmm..didn't look that bad standing up. Sitting down though, requires skill on its own! HAHA. I kid. Forget bending down.

Winnie and Kah Ling, with Yenru photo bombing. Damn awesome skin lo both of them. Being young so rocks. FML am I really nearing 30?!!! Old woman is old.

I think this was at Xplus, the new Bar Zing. Oh yea, we did go there after Paragon. The three of us went there to dance. Empty dance floor and properly tipsy- no need to buy drinks. Win win situation.

The pub (Xplus) was ok..VERY LOUD (had to emphasise) music!! Even in my drunken haze, I could tell. It was almost impossible to talk and they play those disco type of music. You know, some Chinese songs that repeat itself. Sort of.

Winnie's cleavage is showing in almost every photo. Look away people. Focus on the face. Or my fake eyelashes. Yea, I know, its too fake, I need new ones.

Winnie, Cyn and I at Check in. Ok just realized all my photos recently are mostly taken at pubs. Well sheeet..and guess what its Friday again tomorrow. Hello happy hour! 

Actually tomorrow night we be going to a house party, and Sat night is ama's birthday, so we're gathering with all the relatives and cousins. Doesn't mean much really, cos its an excuse to drink. We are the alcoholic family. Always a good thing. :)
Outfit change- another night at Space. Think this was last Saturday night. We had dinner with my family to celebrate Father's Day at Thian Court. RM 50 each. Soooo many people..kinda turned off by the buffet dinner. Very looong queue and people are uncivilized (so was I cos I had to fight back -.-)

What what? If they take peking duck without the roll, so will I. Hahaha..People hold up the queue, so will I. I'm sorry bad thinking. Typical Asian I know, but how?

Moving on, moving not to dwell on that.

Too many photos and I am out of speak for themselves anyway. At Space again.

Why am I so touchy-feely after alcohol? :X hahahha everyone is lah. I remember one night at Paragon when I haven't had enough to drink yet and Winnie already had. She had her arms around me most of the time, and I don't mind but she kept patting and rubbing and pinching my fat. =.= 

But most of the time, I don't remember being so touchy-feely at the pub. I remember the hugs and kisses, just didn't think it was ongoing. :X hahahha until I see the pics.


This is Vero and yes she is hot. She is also damn popular and has a bf. Questions closed. :)

Siew Ling, Benz, Cs and I. That was a fun night out. A lot of drinks, dancing, photo taking, and went for lok lok afterwards. 

That was also the night that Winnie self invited us all to Benz's house for a potluck party tomorrow night, so I spent the better part of this evening making a pasta salad, and chopping veges. Haha don't think he minded though.

Btw, Winnie passed all her exams and is now officially an engineer!! Congrats to her!! She was on such a highhh!! Can't blame her, I still remember the feeling. So ecstatic! :D

 I especially love her FB post. Hahah. Trust me, I'm an engineer! That had me laughing out loud in the office. I have a feeling she might over-use that phrase for quite some time.

New nails. I wanted to do colour block nails, two toned. But it looked too simple, so in the end I added polka dots. Can't help it, I'm used to pimping my nails now..

Can see the cellotape I used in the photo above? Its easier that way, and much neater.

Btw, behold the wonders of iphone apps. This is the original photo, unedited taken with Winnie's SII.

 After that I tried out different filters. Wowza. Behold!!

Are we in the club or are we in the club?! Got the wow effect eh? Instantly looks much more interesting! Don't care that its fake or what. I like it!

Couldn't decide which one I wanted so I saved them all! :D The app you're looking for is FilterMania 2. Its free now, go download! Thanks to Hussein who introduced this to me. :)

OK enough photos and crap for tonight. Bye. Update more next time!

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