Saturday, 9 June 2012

For the sake of an update: Planet and Cherrie

I was on a photo editing spree one fine morning at work when the system was done. This was at Planet, the karaoke pub. Winnie was right. We are buay paiseh here already. Our second home! Hahah no lah kidding. But we are kinda immune to the other people there already cos we are regulars there. This is our new VA. New hangout spot. Don't know if this is a good thing or not. :D

We drink as much as we want (cheap beers and open corkage for Macallans cheaper than outside pubs), request songs to sing - also very buay paiseh. Screaming/screeching at the top of our lungs! HAHA kidding kidding! And then we start dancing. In a karaoke/pub. Btw, this is an open area. No private rooms.

 In the beginning, we were all shy and awkward when we started singing in public, but now not so much. (We here refers to me, Winnie and mum). But still after liberal amounts of alcohol lah. I salute people who sing without alcohol. 

This is the Retreat I was talking about at Lundu! 

And this is the little princess surrounded by her toys! She is soo spoilt! :)
 Little bundle of joy! Little cutie pie! She never fails to make us smile. This is her in a good mood cos all of us are crowding around her, playing with her. And just look at her toys. This is not all of them some more. She also has a lot of dresses/shirts.

Cherrie and Cs sniffing each other hahha: you smell pretty bad yourself.

OK have a good weekend everyone!

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