Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Taiwan trip with mum and Winnie

I was in Taiwan the past week or so for 8 nights, with my mum and sister. No, Cs didn't join cos he was busy at work. 

Because this is the second time I have been to Taiwan this year, I'll try not to repeat anything I have said before. For earlier Taiwan posts, just go click on my Travel posts below. Or go to the search tab on the top left corner of my blog and type Taiwan. I frequently use that to search for some information or something I forgot I wrote about on my own blog. Very useful.

I have a lot of food and alcohol pics only. Not much pics of ourselves cos we mostly look like sheet. Heheh so hot and we don't bother putting on make up or dressing up.

This was only the second day so I look presentable still hahahha. That is one of the best food on Earth: lo bak peng/ru rou fan. In English, its just minced pork with rice and a half cooked egg. Yum!! Coming from a person who doesn't even like pork.

I like how these look like. Golden brown and perfectly fried. Looks delish! Jumbo hot dogs dipped in batter and fried. Yum too!

We got these sushi rolls from 7-11! Damn I love their 7-11!! So much food and drinks choices. They even have those tea leaf eggs boiling away in a pot, and some fishball and other stuff lok lok style. Awesome eh. But I really only focus on their sushi rolls, sandwiches, all the drinks/juice choices, and the alcohol choices (of course).

No pics cos every time I try to snap a photo, the stop me. Haih! Competitive much.

Anyway. These sushi rolls. So unassuming but tastes good!!! 

Mum brought us to a night market to shop. It was near Banjiao. This shop sells mainly oyster stuff only. This bowl on top is full of oysters..must have been 50 or more oysters at least in that bowl and it costs NT 100 (RM 10). Hello?! Siao ah. 

In Kuching, an or chien (oyster pancake) costs RM 10 and it has about 5 oysters on it. You must order this. Best value ever!! It tastes good. Don't doubt me. Try it! Try it! Shop name? Errr..let me ask mum first.

Fried oysters. The outside layer tastes like sien shu ci (the fried chicken), but the inside is oyster. Nice..but I prefer the one on top.

This was like a fried dumpling; the inside is again oysters and some meat. Yum. Different at least. The three of us ordered these to share and we were full already. 

I wouldn't have believed I would be full from eating oysters. Nice nice.

This was the night market we went to. When you see this sign (assuming there is only one slightly broken sign at the night market), walk straight down the road for about 5 mins (?) until you see the shop on your left. There will be a queue no doubt. It was full house when we went there but luckily didn't have to wait long. 

If in doubt, just ask. Do you sell oysters and only oysters? No? Ohh sorry, I'm looking for a friend who's waiting for me there. Wrong shop. Thanks so much. :) My aunt taught me this tactic hahahh smart. Got appointment already. So sorry.

Moving on moving on.

Winnie's new necklace that we got from Ximending. At night, a lot of these stalls pop up by the road side. Some are performers, doing magic tricks, or singing. Plus there are a lot a lot of food stalls. 

Our hotel was located right smack in the middle of all these. Even when my aunt came to stay with us, she couldn't stop raving at how awesome our location was. Two 7-11's nearby, plenty of food choices, 24-hour Watsons opposite our hotel, alot of hair salons, and plenty to shop. Oh yea, 5 mins walk to MTR. Convenient eh. Rainbow Hotel at Ximending. Stay there!

I got myself a henna tattoo. Wish it was permanent. Haih. Oh well it was good while it lasted, which was not very long. The guy said 5 days but it lasted (wait lemme count), ok yeah 5 days. Dang it. I scrubbed it off on the 5th day cos it was fading already in parts. Oh well.

We goin to Bali!! I always wanted to go to Bali (the country), but then I read Hotel K (Kerobokan) in Bali by Kathryn Bonella, and it freaked me out bad. I scared la. What if I go to a club and someone slip me pills without me knowing and I get thrown into Hotel K? Die lah. So yeah. Click to read what the book is about.

Also I have heard that it can get quite pricey. Bali, I mean. No idea actually but yeah. Not going. Ever!! 

Why do I always digress?? I was talking about Bali in Taiwan. We went to Formosa Fun Coast. The waterpark. Regretted it as soon as we arrived. It was SO HOT. Da fuck was going through my mind when I suggested we go to the water park.

Win and I were blaming each other. Why did we come? This is torture. Its not fun!

In fact, we spent the beginning of the day hiding under the mushroom. Not this mushroom in particular, another one with more shade and proper seats. Hehehe. 

Until our cousin came to pull us away to go on some rides. So fine! We went on this:

I am in the photo! I'm just underwater. No shit. That's our cousin, Yung Fen. She's awesome. Winnie is in the background with her float, and I am in front of her..er..underwater. Damn chun my timing. I fell over as I was climbing back up on my float. 

We went to another slide similar to this one below, but less straight down. It had more turns but still equally thrilling, me thinks. Had to queue so bloody long..about 30 mins (or was it longer) in the SUN!! Ok got shade in parts, but still.

Sorry man. If you read my blog, you gotta read about my fear of the sun. Apologize in advance heh. I forgot to bring my trusty sun block! I knew I forgot something!!

There were a lot more rides, but I didn't want to take photos by then. Tired plus we didn't have breakfast in the morning. No time. How is that related mi? Didn't have breakfast and so didn't take photos? Whatever. Moving on.

This is my cousin's daughter. Little cutie reminds me of Cherrie. In a good way! Hahah equally cute and pouty. 

I think I posted this photo below already..

OK back to food and drinks. We went to dim sum after that. 

We don't have this here. I miss this! It has either minced meat or prawn (or both) mixed inside and wrapped in glutinous rice. I think lah. I could be wrong. Just heard my aunt and mum discussing how to make this over dinner.

Mango beer! This tastes soo good!! Almost like fruit juice. Not surprising since the juice is 5%, and the alcohol only 2.8%. Very refreshing. Nice. Try! I saw these on sale at 7-11 as well, in cans.

Because I don't have very pretty feet, so I made the photo size smaller. But I love these sandals. So pretty! 

Ending this with a photo of myself taken on waterpark day! No make up. Taken with the front camera of my phone that's why its so blur.

Night! Update more next time..

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