Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hello from Taiwan!!

We just arrived late last night. By late, I mean we got off the plane at 1030 pm, got through immigration by 1130 pm, took baggage n arrived at the hotel at about 1230 am.

Our cousins picked us up! Thanks guys!! After check in, we went down to 7-11 again to buy some supper.. Happy us.

I'm here with mum and win. :)

I'm typing from my phone so I don't know how the alignment will turn out..

So, I shall describe here..

Those are my holiday nails. I have a tendency to decorate my nails before I go on holiday.

That big pink furry thing is dangling off my Phone as I type. Damn cute right?! Love at first sight for win n I.

And last but not least, why does something so simple turns out so delicious?! Yum!!

Laters! <3

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