Tuesday, 11 September 2012


We went to Yilan county in Taiwan with my cousins and their kids, my aunt, mum and sis. All of us squeezed into one Estima. It was about an hour drove from Taipei.

It wasn't that crowded in the car really. Win and I sat in the third row all by ourselves. Occasionally one of the kids would come to sit between us (by force from their mum). Definitely not by choice lol.

I don't blame them. This is the first time I have seen the younger two of them. The eldest daughter; last time I saw her she wasn't even a year old, and now she's about 10 already. 10 looong years since I saw them. So yea, strangers.

Anyway. My point is, spending days together with my cousins n their kids, I feel:

1) that I am really seriously re-considering whether to have kids or not. (ever!!) don't get me wrong. They are soo cute! Especially the youngest! I love her! Damn cute - she reminds me of Cherie. In a good way. So cute and adorable. Shes only 3.

It's just that after spending the whole day and night together with kids, only then do I get how hard it is. YF (cousin) is doing an awesome job in my opinion! It's sooo not easy being a mother. All day long, I hear mama mama mama mama, quarreling, fighting, toilet breaks, mama mama mama, chatter nonstop and soo many questions and etc etc. Nonstop! From all three!!

How to entertain all 3 at once? Buy 2 iPads and tell them to switch every 15 mins. Really!

But this diversion doesn't long. Plus they still fight and talk really loudly while playing.

It was definitely eye opening for me, mum and win.

I like that I had this experience though. It taught me quite a lot. Patience for one.

2) I'm starting to talk like them. When I call Cs at night after a whole day of listening to the kids n my cousins, I use different words and pronunciations that I normally use.

Caught myself and wondered how is this possible?

I dont have a cute photo of the kids cos I'm sure u know (but I just realized) how hard it is to take photos of hyper active kids.

So this one will have to do..

I'm so tired. Off to bed. Nights.

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