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My Phuket post!!

 Hello I'm back from my honeymoon. It was awesome~ I had a great time. It was so tiring though. Cs and I have a really bad habit of pushing ourselves to the limit. My poor feet are so tired from walking every day and night. I should have worn better/more comfy shoes but I don't want to. *whine. Comfy shoes are not pretty. 

As usual, I took so long to write this post that I gave up a lot of times. So bear with me. Some parts are written the day after I came back from my holiday and when it was still fresh, and some are from a week or two later. So yea..


At the airport for our first flight from Kuching to KL. KL people have it so good they have no idea. No need to take the flight from small leetle Kuching to the big town, KL, where all the international flights take off from. Grr.

But its okay because it was still the first leg of the trip. We are still  damn excited, still fresh and very energetic. Plenty of energy to run around, swim day and night, wake up at 7 am, sleep at 2 am, and walk all day and night. But fun.

Why are we so gung ho, have to travel to two different countries. Take 5 flights, in one week. Exhausting. And we booked the earliest flight at 6:40am, when our connecting flight was 1240pm to Phuket. Damn smart eyy. Which means we had 4 hours to waste at LCCT. Zzzz...

In my defense, Air Asia is well known for being late. The other flight was at 9:20 am, arriving at about 11:30am, too close to our connecting flight! Btw, typically, our flights were delayed this time around too. At least I was totally at ease. Delayed 30 mins, its okay! I have 4 more hours. Delay longer lah! :)

As you can see from the photo above, we spent it at Starbucks, and playing with our respective phones. Twenties Girl, chick lit. Perfect book for a vacation.

I've never tried Green tea frap. Surprisingly good!

One and a half hour later we arrived in Phuket. Sawadeeka! The land of smiles indeed! From the taxi driver, to the tuk tuk driver, to the housekeeping staff, to the restaurant staff and even the dancers in the club. Everyone was so polite, all smiles and it made us feel that we have to smile back at everyone, do the same hand gesture and say sawadeeka!

The immigration line at Phuket airport was long and we had to wait for some time. There were sooo many tourists in the queue. Nevertheless, we arrived at our hotel some 40 minutes later.

The hotel lobby at the Beachside Wing. There are two wings at the hotel: Beachside and Lakeside. We were staying at the Lakeside Wing. The taxi driver brought us to the Beachside, but its okay, still can check in. Each wing has their own rooms, swimming pools etc..totally separate. Both are connected to Jungceylon shopping mall.

Beachside is closer to the beach and infamous Bangla road. Lakeside is more quiet I suppose. But really its not far. Less than 1 minute by tuk tuk, and probably 3 minute walk only. 

Welcome drink for us. It was some lime slushy drink. Very delicious. And I look very happy don't I? Hahaa..I was. Ecstatic. Just arrived and I love it already. Good sign!

Even happier when we found out that they are sending us to the Lakeside Wing with a free tuk tuk ride. Yay. Just arrived and already on a tuk tuk..

 We were shown to our room on the fourth floor and if possible, our grins got even wider! The room was awesome! Even better than I expected. How not to be happy when there is this arrangement greeting us? So awesome..

So cute. Got honeymoon feel! The butler probably guessed it was our honeymoon from that arrangement because he greeted us with a "Congratulations on your marriage ka"

I didn't want to move the arrangement aside until I absolutely have to..when it was time for bed.

Huge bathtub. Big enough for two. The two of us fit comfortably inside. Bubble bath! :))

And outside on the balcony..leading to our private Jacuzzi..that leads directly to the main pool. The pool was huge as well. So nice. They let us swim at night even, when there were fewer people by the pool side, and we had our own privacy. 

This trip to Phuket was supposed to be about relaxation/chilling out together and no over-exerting ourselves. So we said no need to take a trip to the islands. We'll do that the next trip. We wanted to go to the shows: Fanta Sea, and Simon Carbaret, but we couldn't find time to fit it in as well. 

Oh well. Next trip. This trip, we spent a lot of time lazing at the pool side, day and night, getting massages, and leisure shopping at Jungeyclon. And oh yes, eating. Eating a lot of Thai food! 

I never knew men had to eat that much hahaa not until I stayed with Cs. Good God, the fella has to eat every 2 to 3 hours?! And a full meal leh. Not just a snack. Telling me his stomach's feeling empty, and he needs food. =.=

We also had complimentary fruit juice and fruits. I have no idea what those green fruits were though. Cs cut them up and we ate them, but I still don't know what it is..

Our room by night..See through blinds. It was great for us honeymooners, but how about people who are staying with their families? Should feel very insecure I think. You could pull the blinds shut but its still possible to see the bathroom if you look carefully.

The bathroom was huge. When I walked into the room, the sliding doors to the bathroom were wide open, and for a moment I thought there are no doors??

The sink is actually outside the bathroom. Not inside the bathroom, like most hotel rooms. I have no complaints though; I read in trip advisor about people complaining about the design but it was all right for us.

Happy couple! ♥

This is how it looks like from the outside..It was very peaceful, and it wasn't hot in the day time. It was quite sheltered. So I spent many hours out there soaking in the pool.. Ahh..bliss!!


Like proper tourists, we had coconut juice every day. It was cool and refreshing. Mmm..

Pad thai was a bit spicy but very nice. I don't describe food well. Its either nice or yuck. 

Mango sticky rice was not as awesome as I expected. The mango was delicious though. 

Here we are inside Jungceylon. The shopping mall, where we got lost a few times together. 

Scenario 1: One fine night when we were looking for dinner, we took the usual door out of the hotel connecting to Jungceylon. First he leads me and we get lost. Then I get upset at him and I lead him. Then we realize that I am going the same way he went just now. But he didn't say anything because he realized I was upset.
The third time, we found the right way out. It was 9pm and we were starving already looking for dinner.. Fcuk! I was right. Two idiots shouldn't travel together!! 

Why are we so smart?? Boo hoo

We have a lot of photos by the pool because we are here a lot. Heh. 

The pool is mostly deserted by night. Suits me just fine. I like it better like this! :)

There is a gym right opposite the pool. Oh man people are so healthy and active. When I say people, I mean westerners mostly. 

One morning, I woke up at 7am in the morning, and couldn't go back to sleep.

I walked out to the pool and looked over at the gym! To my shock, it was full with people exercising in there! OMG! I felt ashamed. So I err..went to change to my swimsuit and jumped into the pool!! (Much to Cs' concern haha. Poor guy had to drag his ass out of bed and join me in the pool)



But effective nevertheless. Because it was SO COLD, I FORCED MYSELF TO SWIM SWIM SWIM!!

What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I always make the wrong decisions? Or right in this case? I don't know lahh.

The jacuzzi wasn't as good as I expected though.. It was quite strong and it hurts slightly. Or maybe I have a really low tolerance for pain. Oh well. Cs enjoyed it though. At least one of us did.


Its no wonder Cs is so hungry all the time. Heh we spend too much time working out, swimming and walking.

Tuk tuk by night. A lot of the tuk tuk drivers pimped their rides, with VERY LOUD MUSIC PLAYING AND THE BASS THUMPING.

Caps lock on so you kinda get the drift. Yea, it was THAT LOUD but its all good. Maybe cos they were along Bangla Road, they had to compete with the local bars and clubs eh.. Or maybe this is how they vie for customers. What you think?

Adding to that hustle and bustle were these cars with Muay Thai boxing contestants strutting their stuff. The people in the car were shouting on loudspeaker: Monday night, Monday night, thai boxing. (That was on Friday and Saturday).

On Sunday, it was Tomorrow night, thai boxing! Tomorrow night! Thai boxing!


Hahahha thought it was amusing.

Tom Yam soup!! Yumm!! It was delicious without being too spicy! Alot of prawn, squid, mushrooms and tomatoes inside. ♥ I want more now!!

I suppose they cater to alot of tourists. When you order, they ask you: spicy or less spicy or not spicy? We chose the middle option.

Green chicken curry was not bad too. More spicy! I couldn't really handle it. But still nice.

And this is Cs' staple pineapple fried rice, which he ordered at nearly everywhere we went in Phuket. No complaints. Good stuff!

After all that food, we went to check out the local pubs. It was still quite early by then. Only about 9 pm. This was at Taipan. The name of the club. There were live performers and singers.. They sing really well! I was pleasantly surprised!! And the girls dancing along to the singers. 

Btw, this woman in this photo below is not one of the local girls in the clubs. She and her friends are customers. Very lihai!! But a bit show off.

Not many people can do that unless properly trained, which she probably is. Which is why she went up sooo many times that night that nobody, not even her own friends clapped or cheered anymore..

 She didn't stick to one club to show off, she went to another club too. Coincidentally we were there too and noticed her as well.

These two hot chicks are very good dancers, damn sexy and I keep staring at them (especially the one in red!) WOWZA!! Hot stuff! Strutting their stuff. Actually a lot of the dancers are really good. They all alternate about 20 mins (I'm guessing). Heh I stayed there the whole night till about 1 am so yea that's how I know..

Bangla Road is really an eye opening experience. And I have a whole lot more photos of them to share so I'll leave that to another post.

Moving on. I liked that we were given fresh fruit juice in the morning. Nice. Freshly made for you.

And I got a heart shaped egg sunny side up. Hah thought it was cute.

I wonder are these electric cables only found in Thailand, and where else? India? Only when coming back to Malaysia did I realize how big a difference it is.

Saw a little cutie people watching by the side of the road..He/she is not scared of people at all, and doesn't bark. So different from Cherrie, but equally cute! :)

We were waiting for Jungceylon to open. Btw, it only opens at about 11 something to 12. Kinda late. There were crowds of tourists like us just hanging around waiting for it to open. So if you're going to Phuket, plan to do something in the morning. Or just don't wake up too early, like us. :)

So while waiting, we went to Swenson's for ice cream. In the morning! But its okay! I burned calories swimming at 7am already. Hahah..

And yes, it is as awesome as it looks! Yumm..

Because Malaysia don't have pork burgers at Mcd, so we had to give this a try..

And a photo of me after all that foood..

Because we are on holiday, it is an excuse to have beer in the day time. Like the other ang mohs. Nice. We tried the Chang beer. Its good! And cheap! Don't ask me how much this was. I forgot. If I'm not mistaken, this was the small bottle, and it costs 60 baht, RM 6. Cheap!

Reason enough to drink in the afternoon. Actually it was evening already. We were waiting for sunset, halfway walking to the beach, Cs got hungry and his wife was looking for a shade to hide from the sun! :D

Patong Beach! Actually I didn't like it that much. The beach was smelly and dirty, there were leftover food and dirt by other tourists and/or vendors, and there were dogs chasing each other playing on the beach. The water looked dirty. Yea you get what I mean..

We stayed to take some photos, for all of 10 minutes tops, and left. No comment. Everyone I know asks me did I go to Phi Phi island, but I have to explain that I did not. Not this trip. Maybe another trip.

I do want to. In the future. Another trip. Especially Similan island. The both of us, Cs and I get dizzy reaaaly easily, and I get sea sick as well. And I know I can take the travel sickness pill, and I did try before. It makes me drowsy and knocks me out for a few hours. Which is not what I want on holiday. On a boat. In the middle of the sea.

So I really have to look for a proper pill to test. I will. I want to go. The photos look awesome. Of the islands, I mean.

Sunrise. Sunset. 

And I think its time to end this post. Its getting a little too long. I shall continue about my trip in another post!! 

Kop kun kha for reading! Bye!!

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