Tuesday, 15 November 2011


In an effort to keep my blog alive, here are some recent photos:

Photos are self explanatory. Yes, I am on my long awaited honeymoon! :))

Phuket was Awesome! I love Thai people. So friendly, humble and polite.

So unlike Hong Kong, which is where I am now..

BRB soon..


Anonymous said...

Not all people from Hong Kong are impolite and unfriendly. Depends where you go....Also, its the same anywhere in the world..Some friendly and polite, some that are not. I'm sure its the same in Malaysia

Amy said...

Yes i know. No offense. I'm just lazy to post a disclaimer bcos I'm typing from my phone and bcos i assumed everyone knows that. Rude people r everywhere. Its my bad luck to come across all of them.

Anonymous said...

No offense taken...I'm from Hong Kong and I love reading your blog. I just wanted to let you know we are not all rude :) Are you still in Hong Kong? Hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable :) Look forward to more updates

Amy said...

Wow I'm amazed u read my blog! Haha thanks! I'm still in hk. Love this place. Its very fast paced compared to my home town but i like it! :)