Sunday, 21 October 2012

Snippets of life these days

Its a rainy Sunday afternoon. This means HK drama marathon with Cs. But he is now snoring away on the sofa beside me. So here I sit. Cannot watch drama because I wanna watch it with him.

Right now, we are at the part where the husband died and the wife is hallucinating over seeing her dead hubby again. And being the couple that we are, we imagine/talk over what would happen to each other if it happened to us. Touching wood all the time. Bit idiotic, I know.

Moving on. Sakae sushi is open in leetle Kuching. Finally. West Malaysians have it so good!! You lucky KL people! You have everything! We have nothing! Sounds like Whitney Houston's song - I have nothing. Haha. I'm so smart.

I have only been to the Times Square branch before this. Me likey. Especially that oyster thing bottom right. Imma order it again next time I go back! Hopefully sooner rather than later.

And yea this is how I look like at home. Weekdays at night. Specs on, check. Plate of fruit, check. If there is one healthy thing the two of us seem to eat a lot of, it is fruits! We love our fruits. We always buy fruits and his parents always pass us more as well. Good habit. 

Mum made these one fine day and posted the photo on Facebook. I commented on the photo and self invited myself over to dinner. I miss mum's cooking. 

I can do crazy as well. Kevin knows best. He used to call me a crazy bitch. For no reason! I just whack him when he whacks me what. Isn't that normal? I take revenge! When he push me, I push back. I had no idea I was like that till my cousin (who lived with us then) said to me: why you always take revenge? Why can't you let it go?

I was stumped. When you get hit, don't you hit back too? When someone cuts you, cut back right?! I'm sure Moral studies taught us that. Yea religion too. Forgive, AFTER you fight back. Smart. 

Hahhaa no lah. Kidding. Kidding. Of course I don't do that. I don't look like that type eh? Heheh.

Made healthy breakfast the other day. I was so hungry I finished the whole thing in a minute or less. Ironic thing was uhh, while eating, a distant part of my brain was telling me: something smells off. Something seems spoilt! 

But as usual, I was too hungry and ignored the voice. Only after the diarrhea (fuck!), did I realize shit, should have stopped. This is not the first time. =.= Hope my mum doesn't read this. :)

Turned out it was the tomatoes. Bought them and left them for too long unused. Haih. Why am I so smart?!

I wanted to stick those blings on the second and fourth fingers but ran out of blings. Plus they kept falling off. I did put the clear varnish on top but useless thing. That clear varnish was the WORST! After more than 30 mins, it still have not dried. It was oily and I had to dab it off with tissue paper. It did not make the blings stick at all. Thwarted by that little bottle. Damn.

Look! I found this bottle in Kuching. This is just carbonated apple juice. Like our Zapple but less sweet. And supposedly without chemical ingredients. If you say so. The expiry date was less than a year, so I suppose, its a good thing? Less additives and such.

This is found everywhere in Taiwan. I see my cousin's kids drinking this all the time, and half the time I want to order that as well. But le cousin would have ordered beer for us already. Heheh. no complaints though. I bought it from a really unassuming shop at Jalan Song selling bak poh. Weird. Costs RM 3.80 for this bottle.

Lantern festival 2012. I know I know. I only post the photos now! This was at Friendship Park. It was crowded, as usual. We hung all the lanterns on the tree. Nice eh.

This was the original photo. Edited photo above looks too white.

Some of them made these little boats out of the lanterns. Not very good idea. We put them on the lake but they just stayed by the side. No waves nothing to move the boats, despite all our efforts. Oh well.

Better than those kong ming lanterns that everyone were letting off. Those things are dangerous! We saw a lantern drop in the middle of the road, at busy Jalan Song, right in front of some guy's car! Dangerous ok. Imagine if it dropped on top of his car, still burning. 

Another case, it dropped on a tree on top of a stall at Friendship park. I'm surprised that nobody reported this, or talked about how dangerous it is, or banned them yet. Some more, Friendship Park is right in the middle of the housing districts leh. What if they drop on electric cables or on the roof top. How?

I read this post about someone complaining too. Read here.

This was one Saturday night at Planet.  Think I was talking to Winnie and Cs snapped this photo.

This looks like Winnie's bed. Went over to their place on a Friday night. If we go drinking on Friday night, I normally go to their place to shower and make up then go out together. Easier to go together in one car. Original photo before edit.

After. For some reason, this does not look like me. After edited, can barely make out my features eh. Too white and too blur.

Tango is fun! When I was in Taiwan and Cs in Kuching, we used tango to talk to each other! But here, Winnie and I are playing with each other at home.

In case anyone didn't know, Tango is free. You just need an internet connection and can make video calls with each other. Nice cos can show each other the surroundings when you miss each other. 


It is getting dark. Should I wake him up to continue our drama marathon. I'm getting bored here. 

Think I will. Bye!

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