Friday, 21 May 2010

No more TGIF

Was so tempted to title this post with: TGIF my ass. But it sounds so crude even to myself. Be a lady, Amy!

Disclaimer: Random post with random photos cos I don't have recent photos in this computer!

At least I'm updating this blog, right?

1) TGIF no longer..

Because we be working Saturdays! Half day working day is small comfort..

2) I wanna go for holidays too. Whine whine. The Gawai holidays are coming up! Too bad I'm not going anywhere..

God I can't get over how carefree and young (canceled out young cos wtf I'm still young ok!) I look in this photo. I look so hopelessly contented/happy. I want to be a student again.

3) I found this photo of cs and I, taken a few years back! On New Years Eve! Haha we look so different now. Actually just him. I think I merely look drunk in the photo. He looks more..matured now. And he definitely gained weight. If I'm not mistaken, he put on some 10kg since then..

4) I think that LSC did one thing right. They chose a beautiful location for us to graduate that fine day!

Graduation day itself was an awful rush though! I woke up early, rushing to graduation, took photos with friends, then left halfway throughout (or was it before) the ceremony to go home, move out of the apartment, and catch my flight at Heathrow!

Doesn't matter that I don't have a photo of me walking on stage, or with Dr Kumar. haha. These photos will suffice..

5) This is what I am going to be drinking a lot of tonight. Not tequila/cocktail mixture per se.

Alcohol in general. Sorry I don't have a better photo. Photos are limited in this computer!

What? What? I cant drink on a Friday night?

Reminder: Working on Saturday.

Oh yea. Dammit.

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