Sunday, 16 May 2010

Up and down

Sorry for being Missing In Action recently. Here is a short update.

Not really related but...

PERIOD IS A BLOODY PAIN!!! (no pun intended) Pain in my abdomen and lower back. Combine this with UTI and diarrhea and my life is perfect! I can barely walk two steps! I am confined to the toilet bowl.

Come night time and bring on the fever. FML x100.

And I have to work! I cannot be sick. God please heal me! Make the medication kick in and work its magic!

That is why I have not been updating much. Boo.


Anyway, before this episode, I went to try out the new Fish King pizza from Pizza Hut. Take-away from the Boulevard branch!

I took this from the Pizza Hut website: With 8 fish fingers made from specially-imported Alaskan pollock, crabstick, Mozarella cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples all on a cool lime mayo sauce that makes it simply refreshing!

Its full of company speak words.

Nevertheless, Pizza Hut outdid itself. This is one of the best pizzas ever! Nicely done. The fish fingers tasted very fresh, crisp and went really well with the lime mayo sauce on the pizza. Nice for the hot weather recently. I ordered the Cheesy Lava crust (add RM5, I think).

We also ordered a portion of 4 pieces of deli wing (very nice! about the only other edible worthy stuff to order at Pizza Hut besides the pizza itself). The price came up to about RM55 (I think. Forgot). But pay using your Maybankard and get 30% discount. So the final price came to about RM39. Cheap!! Cheap!

Cs and I stayed home on a Friday night (gasp!) to watch Thomas Cup: Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. Ahh as much as I hate Lin Dan's attitude, he did play a good game. But wtf! The bugger took off his shirt to show off his dance moves?! Arrogant! Bah.

That's all for now. Update more later.


Wending said...

Lin Dan is not arrogant. He is just that good. That is why he is called Super Dan. Besides, he trained ten times harder than everybody else. He deserves everything.

Amy said...

Haha I was expecting you to comment and defend Lin Dan! :p