Sunday, 23 May 2010


Oh no. Its that time of the day/week again. The dreaded Sunday night. Ehh actually I'm not like this every Sunday night ok.. It happens mostly when:

1) I have to work on Saturday.

2) Time flies, which is not speaking much since I say that so often anyway that nobody even bothers to reply me with a "yea man time flies like hell", or nod in agreement, or disagree. No, mostly people continue their chatter without me hehe.

The reason why time flies (I think) is cos I have been doing too much stuff, running around, and being happy. Don't people say that time flies when you're happy, doing the thing you love, and being with the people you love?

Not really. Half true. I find that time flies also when you're busy at work. Or even when you're pretending to be busy at work.

Friday evening (Cs' birthday eve!!), cs and I went to San Francisco Grill for dinner following highly recommended suggestions from several friends. Whenever I ask people for their best steakhouse in Kuching, the first (prompt) answer is: San Francisco Grill. Hmm..

I have only been there about 3 times in total, and on my most recent visit, I was actually quite disappointed cos the steak I ordered (forgot which one) was as tough as a tire. So chewy and not in a good way. So hard to swallow and no, I did not finish it.

But we decided to give the place a try anyway thinking that our luck must be very bad the last time, to come across such a steak. San Francisco Grill has a great reputation anyway so I must be mistaken, right?!

This time around, I had Steak Diane. Medium rare. To be perfectly honest, the steak was just ok. Nothing outstanding. The mushroom sauce was very nice though. No, the steak was not as tough as a car tire. Not like the last time. But still tough. I still had to chew for a very long time and in the end, I just didn't bother finishing it.

Steak Diane fail.

Cs had sirloin steak. I should have just ordered this! This tasted perfectly fine. The steak was cooked just right, medium rare, grilled to perfection. Yum! Just order this if you're at San Francisco Grill in the future.

That's two slices of onion btw.

When it comes to soups, the bf is very predictable. His staple mushroom soup comes with a basket of garlic bread. The soup is of course not the Pizza Hut-standard type of soups: almost always too diluted, and sometimes filled with lumps, from I don't know, maybe not stirred properly when being cooked.

Both bread and soup very nice.

Seafood cocktail.

While waiting for the food to arrive, we play around with the mirrors!


This photo turned out looking quite creepy!

In a way, these photos make me think of Cherrie!

Every time she walks pass a reflective surface, such as our sliding doors, she runs up and down, wags her tail, as if she is communicating with the "other dog" and sometimes tries to bang into the door/her own reflection.

So not easy having a puppy at home. She does not sleep so often anymore.

She is soo active, running up and down the house, biting my slippers, our fingers, our toes, her toys etc. And she pees and shit soo often.

Just now, she woke up from her nap and within 15 mins, pooed 2 times, and peed 5 times, all in different locations! Sounds quite impossible eh? Not for Cherrie! My mum thinks its good practice for me, running after Cherrie.

She said and I quote: Good girl Cherrie. Let her know what it feels like to take care of a baby! Good practice for you in the future! If you can't even take care of a puppy, what more to say a crying baby in the middle of the night, at 2am, when she wants to eat, and refuses to go to sleep?

What the fuck?!! This is common sense anyway. I'm not pregnant now yet ok!

Its not just mum. My parents were giggling away while I literally ran circles around Cherrie.

Cherrie is as big (or as small) as my home slipper! Just as furry too.

Moving on. After dinner on Friday night, we went to the Kings Arms again, and on Saturday I went to Damai Puri, and came back this evening (Sunday).

Quite exhausted now btw. So I shall continue this next time.

I need sleep....


cs said...

I had a wonderful birthday.. thanks baby!

Amy said...

You're welcome. But I thought it could have been least we're together. :D