Monday, 10 May 2010

Of cats and dogs..

Did you know, Kuching is known as the Cat City!

The most common question of course is: are there a lot of cats in Kuching then?

Sorry to disappoint. No.

Actually, I wouldn't know. I'm a cat-hater. I'm somewhat scared of cats. So I don't really notice cats and hide from them. Don't ask me why. My hatred of cats has made me somewhat scared of them. No lar. Obviously my hatred of cats is spurred on by my fear of cats.

No idea. They just look scary looking to me.

I only like cats if they are furry/have a lot of hair/have very thick fur. Like a Siamese cat.

I will like cats a little bit more particularly if they are especially skilled at killing rats. Urgh.

Back to topic! Cat City!

Photos with our famous cat statue is a must! We have quite a few cat statues around Kuching. On various occasions, the cat is dressed up in nice clothes, with lots of lights and/or lanterns around it. But on that day, he/she it was quite naked.

Ehh quite scary right! See! Cats are not cute at all!

Tried to imitate Kenny Sia. Fail.

Cs fail too. What was he doing?

I prefer dogs any day.

For the sake of fairness, here are some absolutely adorable shihtzu's stolen off google!

So so so so cute....


How do you say no to that face?

Ah boi is and always will be the cutest!

I said I didn't want another dog/pet. My family, we all said we don't want another dog! But when we walk by a pet shop, all of us turn inside automatically to look for cute dogs!

My parents go to the Sunday market to look at the dogs.

My brother goes into pet shops to take photos of cute dogs to show us and tempt us! Argh.

I have a feeling that mum is gonna break soon!

I predict that very soon, I will come home from work to find that they have brought a new puppy home with them..

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