Monday, 24 May 2010

Kings Arms again

This is a continuation from where I left off in the previous post. To celebrate the bf's birthday, we went to Kings Arms with a bunch of friends on Friday night!

There were uh, (counting) 11 of us in total. Big enough crowd to make a lot of noise. Enough people to talk to and drink with. This means that there were a lot of "yam yam yam" Drink drink drink that night. Mostly for Chris' benefit since he speaks Cantonese to the rest of the guys. Yam in Cantonese = drink.

Camwhore a bit first. But my assistant takes lousy photos! I bought this dress quite long ago and regretted the buy actually cos seems like I do not really have an occasion to wear this dress. Also because mum and Winnie thought it was ugly. Argh.

I thought it was not fit for Chinese New Year (all black). Valentines Day fell on CNY, so that rules it out too. And then I had no reason for formal attire or party occasion for soo many months. Boring life.

Then I thought the dress was out of season. But fuck it la. Since when do I follow fashion anyway? I am and will always be the odd one out. Hehe.

There see... Evidence. Fail. Lousy photographer!

OK. Apart from the three photos above, the next few better quality photos are taken with Veronica's Canon S90. Stolen off Facebook as usual. I have been wanting that camera for ages but have not bought it yet. Sooo tempted to buy it now.

It was so dark at Kings Arm but the S90 takes awesome photos in low light! I want! Perfect for me!

Just look at the flames on his drink! Is it me, or is that too much? Haha. He said his hair almost caught fire, and he some of his hairs (on his fingers) got burnt. Haha.

That night, we had beer first while waiting for the others to arrive. Unfortunately for cs, that night, he had stomachache as well. Diarrhea. Lousy timing.

After the beer, we opened two bottles of whiskey and he had that flaming something. The flames tell me that this is not a normal Graveyard, or flaming lamborghini but something more...sinister. Haha. Watching cs trying to finish that drink was funny. The liquor was never ending. He had to try two times to finish his drink to get rid of the flames.

Needless to say, yes, the bf was drunk that night. I drove him home. It is during times like these that I am particularly thankful that he changed his car. I never got round to properly driving that car! Actually I drove it. Twice. When I was very tipsy. Don't know why he trusts me at times like these. Actually I do. Its cos he is tipsy too haha

Back to topic!

Birthday boy with his fruit cake. The cake very nice! Fruits inside and outside. Very refreshing. Very nice change from all those heavy, rich cheese cakes, tiramisu etc..

Love love love this photo!! Thanks to whoever took it!

This is Veronica (left) whom I stole all these photos from! Thank you! I want your camera! Grr..I gotta get my ass off this chair and go buy myself a new camera dammit!

I was so surprised to see these photos! Mostly cos err...I am err..used to my photos turning out blur and/or dark or both! So err..anyone want to buy me a S90 yet? Haha!

Ehh seriously I can not decide which camera to buy.

S90: I confess that I am a total camera noob. I know nuts. This makes me quite reluctant to buy the camera. Maybe I would be better off with an IXUS 130 or 210.

These are my three top choices. Anyone have any advices for me please?

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