Sunday, 9 May 2010

09 May 2010

Its Mum's Day today as well as my brother Kevin's birthday! Every year our family celebrates both occasion together. Saves us $$ on buying cakes and dinner

Last night, we went out to Grand Margherita for a nice family dinner. It costs RM79++ and you get a complimentary glass of red/white wine. Plus mum eats free with two paying adults.

When I called to make a reservation, they asked me: how many mum's? I didn't know mums ate free, so I went:

Darn it. I should have said I was a mum too. Heh heh no idea how to prove it though. Maybe I just have to insist! Make a fuss! Goddamn it I'm a mum too! I'm pregnant. Look. Touch. Feel it kick haha getting carried away..ahem.

Dinner last night was all right. More meat selections than usual. No photos though. Sorry but meat are not really my thing. I do eat them, but not too much as Kevin.

Actually dinner was all right. Nothing outstanding other than that HUGE lamb rack which I don't have a photo of. Regret now!

I do my part, as usual, and queue up for the Japanese food. People giving me the evil eye cos I took so long there for the chef to make me these:

Half eaten. I don't know the name. Its like California Maki except its salmon slices on top. What do you call em?

Only four here but he made me six California Rolls. Took quite some time. I was quite paiseh. Didn't dare to look up!

Our complimentary wine. I don't normally drink much wine so I can't comment. I occasionally have red wine at home with mum or outside with friends, but mostly I can't tell which from which. Mum is the wine person. Dad is whiskey. I'm

I like red wine but its too "heaty" for me. I always get an ulcer the next day after more than 2 glasses of red wine. So..I stick to beer and liquor. I like white wine, if its good. Too bad I have no idea how to choose a good one. Tips?

I like my heels...

Oh yes. I straightened my hair.

Please tell me I won't live to regret this. Again. No make up. I look pale and sickly and above all, ugly! I shallow. Ahh never mind. Guess what! I got this cheap! RM 90 only! I rock! Actually i'm not so sure cos I kinda regret this already.

My hair is so flat/limp/thin now. There is nothing I can do except clip it all behind.

I went to Kings Arms on Friday night and saw this in the toilet. Shirley pointed it out to me! It brings back so many memories!

We used to steal toilet paper from the school. Just from one particular campus cos it was quite isolated. Haha. Quite hilarious now I think back. Not always of course. This happened once or twice only. The toilet paper is in a huge roll, like the one above, only more cos its not half used like the one above.

Don't think we are rich going to London to study. International students abroad. Waa must be fucking rich. No way. We have to steal toilet paper from school wtf! FYI, toilet paper was freaking expensive in London. Actually I think its cos we were students. Convert £1 to RM7, everything is expensive!

In the end, the school got smart. They installed locks for the toilet paper! But it can't be us only. I bet there were other people stealing. They just left it there. Tempting ok.

Ehh am I gonna get caught for this? Its not a crime ok. I was just kidding. Really. We put it back the next day!

Change topic.

Err..Just thought I would distract you with a photo of my legs.

and my face..

Night everyone.


John Harding said...

eh.. come this wednesday to kingsarm..its ladies night and my friend is throwing birthday party.. May 12. we are hiring the paperdolls to make show come come..will be interesting

Amy said...

cool..what paperdolls? a band issit? got free drinks for the ladies or not? hahha but a bit scared drinking on weekdays afraid cant work well on thurs! lol.