Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm a tourist guide!

So sorry for the lack of updates. I was busy being sick and running around Kuching at the same time. Argh. No wonder I'm not feeling any better.

In between swallowing Panadol Acti-fast and gulping plenty of H20, I was being a tourist guide running around Kuching.

Cos they are back!!!

Yes, my two bitches are back. The last time the three of us were together was when this photo above was taken. Fcuk that was ages ago. Two years ago on our graduation at Cardiff.

I am glad to report though, that we are all the same still, despite having led different lives, in different cities the past two years. Shirley is still the same talking non-stop. Nifer with her Penang hokkien accent. And me, the weak one who always gets sick, the one who brings lots of medicine to London every trip.

We all have our own lives now. Two years ago, who would have thought that we would be here now? In little Kuching! Shirley with her hubby, me and cs, and Nifer with cherry Tomato. Haha!

Actually I should be last person to be a tourist guide. I am so sua pa ku (SPK). I know nuts about Kuching. I don't remember the last time I had kolomee, kam pua mee, ais kacang, or laksa. Besides Spring and Boulevard, where should I bring them ar?

So paise. Lucky I have cs. Designated taxi driver. Much more knowledgeable than me.

I don't have much photos though, since I don't own a decent camera phone or a camera. So these are photos taken with cs' phone.

The rest of the photos, I have to wait to steal them off their Facebook! Upload them quickly please!

For the past few days, all we have been doing is eat, eat, and eat some more non stop. Breakfast, lunch, snack, tea time, dinner, supper. None of us dare to step on the scale anymore, except the guys (cs and Chris).

Guys siao one. Both of them so happy to gain weight while us three girls moan non-stop.

Seriously, I have no experience being a tour guide in Kuching la. I'm sorry guys if I was lousy in any way. But seriously what is there to see in Kuching?

When my cousins came from Taiwan, they showed no interest at all in shopping malls (of cos lar). They liked the pirated DVDs that are everywhere in Kuching (so does Chris actually) wtf. Big cities got no pirated CDs and DVDs. Haha.

Shirley and Chris went to Jong's Crocodile farm already, and we guessed that Nifer probably wouldn't enjoy being out in the sun and heat, admiring crocodiles. Haha. So we went to Spring and Carpenter street for souvenirs. Bought Sarawak Pepper, Kuih Lapis, and some wooden spoons and such.

Then because we couldn't decide where to go or what to do, we went to.....

Sing Karaoke. Actually it was quite a good choice. Even though I fell asleep (I'm no karaoke person ok), I could hear them singing non stop. They seemed to like singing, namely Nifer, Chris, and cs too.

Nifer was in Kuching for just 3 days, 2 nights, so we couldn't go to over night at Damai too. We did go for a day trip though.

Btw, did you know that Sarawak Cultural Village charge you RM 25 if you're a Sarawakian, and RM 60 for foreigners, namely Chris and Nifer. They make you to show your IC at the entrance. See-crew man. That is too much. More than double.

Needless to say, we didn't go in. So disappointed! Shame.

We drove all the way there to take photos.

Ehh actually, what is there to see inside there anyway? Are there dances or performances? Longhouses? Or do we just walk around an open field? I've only been there once when I was a kid (before Winnie was born I think). And no, I have never been to Rainforest World Music Festival. I'm so SPK.

Mostly cos it always coincides with my dad's birthday or I'm not in Kuching during that time. But as the years go by (wahh i sound old now), I don't want to go anymore. To spend the night drinking and dancing away with hundreds of people in the crowd. Hot. Humid. Sounds tiring to me. (yea definitely old already).

Our Damai day trip was quite random so I am not decked out in beach wear. So HOT!

The tourists chilling at Damai Puri. It would be nice if we were staying for the night.

But no worries Shirley and Chris. Reservations are made. We be going again soon!

Digressing a bit to talk about this!

You know, as kids we all do silly and often cruel things, right? As a kid, I liked to err stay in the back garden to catch and kill red ants. There were many red ants behind our house cos one of my neighbors had a rambutan tree and they attract red ants. Anyway after getting bitten by a red ant once....

I would stay in the garden for hours at a time, picking up red ants one by one then pluck off their legs and head slowly. wtf. I'm sorry. I'm not proud of it ok. I was a kid! Ehh we are not taught in school to not kill red ants ler. Hehe.

I thought I was cruel.

Until cs told me that as a kid, he also liked killing red ants. How?

He follows/track them (the ants) to their hole/lair/hide out.. Where the queen lives, then he (on many occasions) sprays ridsect into their holes, or block the hole with chewing gum (I think), or he uses some kind of thingy to make the ants turn onto each other so that they will fight one another.

I don't remember how he did it. If anyone is interested, I go ask him how k. He thinks I'm more cruel. But I think he is. At least I don't kill their whole colony. I just kill them one by one.

Edit: I don't think I properly explained how cruel cs is, compared to me. What I wrote does not justify him enough. So I called him. He sometimes sprinkles chilli powder or white pepper around the area for the ants to eat and die. And he blocks their hole with cello tape, not chewing gum. Cello tape so they all die inside. He said he bought some China powder thingy which is meant for the ants to eat and they will start killing/attacking each other.

Haha this speaks volume about us eh. He uses more ingenius ways to kill, while I prefer to let them die a slow painful but easy death. Ehh sometimes they don't die after I pluck off their heads.

So ant hunting aside.

It looks like Ambank booked Damai Puri on that day for their Family Day. There were Ambank balloons and flags everywhere. And people everywhere walking around clad in the red Ambank t-shirt and hat. So nice!

Yo dear colleagues! You think our bosses would approve this annual trip too? To reward us for being hardworking, working Saturday's the whole month for no extra pay, during crunch period? Heh heh.

A person can hope. Just kidding..

Last photo of Damai Beach before I go. Updates more soon..

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