Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Miscellaneous from Bangkok-

I feel like posting some photos tonight and am feeling extra chatty, not to mention bored. So, here are some photos I don't think I have shared yet from our Bangkok trip.

Wanted to try the Green curry chicken! Damn regret not trying it now. I swear my stomach just grumbled in response. F u stomach. How am I supposed to lose weight when you rumble like that? At home, I don't mind so much..but in the office, you let me down! I swear my colleagues sitting near me can hear it. Especially in the morning. Hahah. 

Did you know when you hold your breath when your stomach rumbles/grumbles/makes noises, it stops? Yea, I'm a pro.

Pink taxi's everywhere. So pretty. And no, we didn't get in one. Cos Cs and I are damn gung ho taking BTS everywhere. Heh. And we drag mum and Winnie with us. They have no choice - just follow us.

That bag hanging off my arm - I got it in Chatuchak market for some cheap price. Forgot how much. But, when I bought it, mum said: that looks like something you would buy for your daughter. =.= Ehh she means MY daughter, not her daughter.

You ever heard of that phrase - you're only as young as you act/think. Something like that anyway. Yea, I'm gonna keep thinking like that. Fook it. Why should I use expensive branded bags anyway. People will assume its fake anyway. So sad.

We went shopping at MBK that day. Shopping with mum and Winnie always brings out the worst in me. 10 mins in, I bought two pairs of heels. Sheesh. Poor Cs though. 3 women shopping like crazy and one guy. Guess who carries the shopping bags?

But anyway he only carried mine. Handful enough. I err..bought that bag. Yea so convenient eh. Heh heh. No seriously. I now have a new foldable bag to bring with me when I travel. That bag was useful in Taiwan too.

Taking a break from shopping to camwhore..

Had lunch at the food court, where I couldn't decide on anything to eat. I was a bit sick of Thai food by then but there were plenty of choices, just that I was super picky that day. So I settled on picking through Cs', Winnie's and mum's food. Typical me.

Cs bought a condom from the vending machine in the toilet. Just for fun. 

Happy us on holiday..

We went to have dinner at this restaurant that impressed us all. The food was good, delicious. The restaurant was packed with people. And it was cheap!! Yea, most important of all. Good and cheap.

This was at MBK. We just stumbled upon this restaurant for dinner. All of us sick of Thai food by then..so went to this Santa fe Steak House

I forgot what was under that layer of cheese already by then. Just that all of us went: ooohh...waahh...nice..nice.. Yeah.

You notice they are very generous with the cheese eh? Its good for us cheese loving, non cholesterol caring and no-calorie counting folk, but I don't know if its for everyone. 

Actually I do care. About the calories I mean. But on holidays, I don't care so much. Eat. Just eat or you're gonna regret it. It's a good motto. Only its harder to forget about the motto for now.

I ordered this. I think it was spinach and seafood something. It was yums and soo filling. Santa fe Steak House at MBK. Remember that place.

Moving on..moving on.

We went to the supermarket. Look at that! Tiger beer costs 29 baht/RM 2.90. 25 baht for Chang/ RM 2.50. 

So this was what we did..

Last night in Bangkok, might as well end it on a bang. Hehehe..mum was appropriately as delighted as us over this cheap alcohol. You know what? Total bill came up to about RM 30++ and we actually went: whattt??? So cheap? Wait here. We go back for some more. Ok..ok cool. 

I forgot by now who said that but I know that happened. Hahah yeah..might as well party in the hotel room. Cheaper than drinking out eh.

Nice photo of Siam Paragon. I think we took this photo from the BTS, or was it the station, or was it road side? Hmm.. 

We each bought a bottle of champagne each. So cheap. Might as well. And it tasted good!

This is where we have breakfast every morning. Just off the lobby. Citypoint hotel. Just steps away from Asok BTS. Very convenient, modern hotel. I have no complaints.

Took this photo cos you don't see this at the traffic lights everyday.

Finally tried MOS burger at Terminal 21. I know that it is from Japan and I wanted to try it since forever but always not good timing. But now, I just think its overrated.

It is delish. But we tapau-ed 4 burgers to eat at the airport. So that probably spoiled the burgers a bit. Go try it anyway. I especially like that they have those rice burgers with rice instead of bun. And they have beef yakinikiu, terriyaki (I'm guessing or making it up by now) for the flavors. Cool eh?

Just because you don't see this at most airports..

Bought a mango sticky rice to eat at the airport just because we haven't had it yet in Bangkok. Don't know why but maybe cos we're too busy stuffing ourselves with other food. 

We saw this and went: heyy..we have mango tree in Kuching!!

 Guess what? We do! We are on par with London, Tokyo, and Dubai. Hahahha thought it was funny! Its not often you see Kuching among those other big cities eh.

OK night. Bye. 

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