Sunday, 30 October 2011

How to screw up your husband's dinner

...which is LAYERED POTATOES!!

I have wanted to make these for the longest time ever since I read them on Kimberlycun. But I had to wait till I have an oven. Now we do. Yay!! Next thing I'm going to make is Pizza. Don't care that I can't finish it. I will make Cs eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! :D

So. Let's start at the beginning. I thought it would be so easy to make. And it was really. All that went wrong was one lousy can of soup.

I didn't follow the exact recipe from Kimberly. I went and googled for similar recipes because I am like that. I need more sources, and yet somehow or other, I manage to screw this up. Slightly lah.

The recipe called for 1 can of Campell's mushroom soup. I very gungho went to Giant and bought a can of Cream of Chicken. Mistake ok! Not on purpose. I thought it was a can of cream of chicken soup. Damn damn damn.

When I poured it out, the whole thing was a big gooey glop. Jelly like texture. Omg. My precious potatoes! Did I fuck up??! I even went to check the expiry date. No leh 2012. What the hell went wrong??

Read the instructions at the back, which said: mix can of cream with a bowl of water. Heat it up, and stir to mix. =.= I'm so damn smart lo. Fail!

So yea. In short, that is how to screw up layered potatoes.

But its ok. Because I am genius, I fixed it. I scooped the cream out of my precious potatoes and put them into a pot with water. Stir to mix. And poured it all onto my potatoes.

Notice what's wrong yet? I poured ALL of it onto my potatoes! Why Amy why?! I was too kancheong ok and didn't pay attention.

I was supposed to fill the potatoes up to about the topmost layer only. Now my potatoes and cheese are swimming in chicken soup. =.=

I was ready to call Cs and tell him to just tapau some fast food for dinner already by then. Fook it. Fook the Campbells soup. Most of all, fook me.

But oven was preheated already what. How much more harm can come out of it, right? Right? So I stuck it into the oven at 180 degrees as instructed by a lot of people on Google. Set it for 60 mins.

Ehh lucky I keep going back to check ok. What 60 mins? Cheat me. My potatoes were done/cooked in 20 mins. I don't know why. When I stuck my fork in, it went though easily. I think my hot chicken soup helped cook the potatoes! HAHAH. Damn smart.

The end result was not bad lo! Tasted very very very yummy! But it was too salty. The cream of chicken was salty in itself, and I might have put in too much salt and cheese. Either one but next time I definitely know what to do already. Phew. So yea.

I saved dinner. =D

First step: wash and slice up 4 small potatoes, really thin. As thin as you can make them. Then layer them like this, overlapping one another. Add salt and pepper to every layer.

Cs didn't like onions so I put in a bit of garlic per layer.

And because I am only making this for dinner for the two of us, as a main meal, with nothing else, I added 2 hot dogs (also sliced thin). I also added a slice of cheese to this layer because I love cheese. :)

Don't know why its not mentioned in even one single recipe that I've read to add in cheese somewhere in the middle. Its nice. Its awesome, its to die for. Creamy, melted cheese. Cannot skip this step.

This was after I added the chicken soup. Hahaa my potatoes, hot dog and cheese are swimming below the soup. So as an afterthought, I added another slice of cheese because I want a brown bubbling top.

Wrong! Brown top turned out to be BLACK top.

Bubbling away..yumm. Smells heavenly.

And tadah this is my layered potatoes! I used my fancy app to try to save the photo hehee. In real life, it was kinda err dark coloured on top.

This is what you get once you scoop it out. Lousy photo. No need to edit lah. No way to make this look good. But OMG it tastes good!!

Serious! Even with my mistakes above, I did it! Layered potatoes! Finally!! I know it doesn't look very appetizing but fuck it lah.

And yah, I really need to stop swearing I know.


Billy Joe said...

Funny post! You're like Martha Stewart or something. . . "Why Amy why?!" Haha! I don't know about the first pics, but the last one looks pretty appetizing. I hope Cs appreciated the hard work!

Amy said...

lol thanks! Yes, he finished the whole I guess it wasn't a total fail. hahaa