Sunday, 16 October 2011

U-Garden Steamboat and BBQ Buffet

This was from last Saturday night! The restaurant is located at Song Plaza behind Secret Recipe and Flinders. Jalan Song. Very easy to find..Its located at the new block.

The place is full all the time. Apparently what makes it different from other steamboats and BBQ places in Kuching are that they use these "crystal" plates instead of normal hot plates. Actually, I don't know if they are crystal plates. Mum said they are, so if wrong blame her bahahaha.

And instead of butter or oil, you just use water and can grill the food. Ya serious. The server told us to add more water, it'll cook faster. And they use charcoal instead of gas.. I think.. If wrong, don't blame me.. :)

I don't think its a new concept..just in Kuching la. Because we are forever slower than others haha SPK forever..

Cooking in progress. They cut the lamb into smaller pieces and the chicken, more thick cut. This is what the waitress says, so cook the lamb and beef first, before the chicken..

They also have fish, crab, prawn, clams and some bamboo clams I think. Not too sure of the name.

You can see the pot at the far end of the photo. That is normal steamboat stuff. They have two types of soup: normal chicken soup and tom yam.

I thought the tom yam soup was kinda blah but cs liked it. So no idea.

Its a good idea to try the place out though. Just cos its new and different. If you're into steamboats, why not eh?

I think the price is RM 29. Includes drinks such as, Jasmine green tea, chrysanthemum tea, chinese herbal tea (sweet), and I don't remember. Oh yea, they have a coffee machine as well, and a selection of ice cream.

This is in addition to the ready made food available such as fried rice, fried mee hoon, and fried hot dogs/sausages.

They also have little servings of salads, which I like, such as coleslaw, and the green seaweed stuff you always get at Japanese restaurants, and little fruit salads with a prawn in it.

Aih paiseh no more photos because my hands were oily most of the time. Standard lah at steamboats/bbq dinners..

I suppose the good thing about this type of bbq would be that its less fattening compared to other bbq places. The water we add while grilling the meat washes away most of the oil. Unlike normal bbq, we add liberal amounts of oil and butter, so its even more greasy..

Says mum anwyay. IF wrong blame her. Haha k bye.

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