Monday, 10 October 2011

Decisions decisions

I love my new blog design! A total revamp! I was getting bored with the old one plus it looked too messy and cramped. So yea, this is much less stuff. I deleted lots of rubbish by the side bar..and now I no longer have a side bar.

I'm typing on my phone again. What to do..cs still haven't fixed my laptop. The one that winnie broke. Heheheh actually it was me (i think or her dunno) but winnie was using it when it happened so i got excuse to blame her. Hi yao! :)

I have a slight flu today..i can't be sure how this happened..but i'm guessing the night swim last night (in the rain) didn't help. Heh heh

Boon, john, doris n ying came over yesterday around noon because the agenda was: discuss/decide and book hotels for our trip this coming Dec!

But they also brought along a few DVDs and a monopoly set and swimming outfits. So agenda quickly changed to: watch DVDs first, then play monopoly, then go swimming!

By about 6pm, it was still drizzling. Undeterred, boon persuaded us all to go to the pool anyway! (everyone forgot about booking hotel rooms =.=)

In my swimsuit, I already had goosebumps standing beside the pool holding an umbrella..

Walking there, i was hoping none of the neighbors see us..hahaa crazy bunch of youngsters (actually not that young anymore =.=") going swimming in the rain. Siao one.

I wasn't planning on going in anymore. It was cold. I was shivering. But the guys said the water was pleasantly warm and convinced me. Besides, taking photos alone is boring..

Technically I wasn't alone. Ying was also holding an umbrella (above photo), and soaking her feet in the water.

After swimming at about 8 pm then we remembered: Shit! We haven't booked the hotel rooms!!

But we were starving by then! How?? Bo pien lah go out eat first..

We went to old batu kawa for seafood dinner and rushed back to search Agoda!

Finished booking by 10pm. Everyone left to go home and shower and sleep.

By this time, about a month ago, Cs and I would be moaning/bitching/complaining to each other: lazy to go home. Sigh. How nice if we already stay together then we can just change and sleep. Haih this and that..

Fast forward one month later: As everyone left, we turned off the lights, shut down the laptop and tv, and went up to bed together by 10pm. ♥ Not so bad after all..

What I loved most was the freedom to these things. To go for a night swim and not have to rush home for dinner. To have no time limits.

To do what I want to do, on a Sunday, without being forced asked to go somewhere else..

The freedom to book air tickets and hotels. There are perks to being an adult.

The consequences however. I.e. the flu the next day and the credit card bills.

I say its still worth it though! :)

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