Friday, 14 October 2011

Pizza Hut - 7 CHEESE PIZZA

This is to tempt everyone else into trying this 7 cheese pizza, and hopefully make others gain the extra calories as well heh heh /evil..

But so worth it though! Hot and fresh from the oven! Delicious, greasy and flavorful..Pizza at its best!! Yummeh!

We ordered this pizza in Hawaiian Chicken.

Btw, does anyone remember the 6 cheese pizza promo sometime last year? Cs and I made the mistake of ordering the pizza plain, as in only with the six cheese only, without any other toppings.

That was my worst pizza hut pizza ever! The pizza tasted salty (from the cheese) and er that's it. Haha dumb and dumber.

So yea, I ordered Haiwaiian Chicken this time. With the toppings! Actually, I don't know if it comes in plain anymore this time around. Hmm..never mind. Ignore me.

At first glance, you would think that those "balls" on the pizza are fish/meat balls!

Nooo..look closer! They are little balls of cream cheese!! Woah this should give you an indication of how cheesy the pizza would be.

Paiseh ah I suck at describing things especially food...


But I have to say this though. As much as I love my cheese and pizza, this was a bit of cheese overdose. I didn't finish any of those little cream cheese balls. Cs too, which is why we have this photo below:

Leftover cream cheese!

The pizza was nice.. Still tasty! Hints of lime/lemon if i'm not mistaken. But a bit too greasy (more so than usual) because of the many types of cheeses!!

Oh well. Once in a while, its ok. Mehh..the calories don't count.

This is me saying: mehh I don't care. But I still dragged cs swimming after that! Heh gloat fail! :)


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