Sunday, 13 October 2013


I know this is very overdue.

It was our 2 years anniversary on Sept 3. 

2 years since we walked down that aisle together and committed to spend the rest of our lives together.

I posted this on FB. In hindsight, it was a bit wrong. The way I phrased the sentence I mean. Sounds as if we have been together for more than a decade. Haha.

We met in Foundation in IBMS College. Room 301. The first day in class. We were both attached actually. Maybe it was good too. We became friends. Best friends. 

Who knew that silly guy (hehe) I met in 2002 would become my husband today. Ish. HAhahah 

Why do I use "hahaha" so frequently? To make it seem less serious. To make it more like a joke. Its like I add in a smile, only you can't see it.

I use "hahahha" in everything. Whatsapp to everyone, my blog posts, sms, and email's. I know. I bimbo-fy myself. 

Anyway. What has changed so far?

Besides the farting and burping freely, we still talk to each other about our day. He still tells me what's going on with his badminton buddies after each session and I still tell him all the office gossip.

We still shower together two times a day together. He still tries to grab me when he thinks no one is watching. 

We are undecided when to have kids yet. Well, we try. My cousin asked me that day: when is it your turn Amy?

Me: on the way.

Her: what? You mean you're pregnant already??

Me: mean I'm trying.

Her: ohh sure you're trying?

Me: yes, we are trying very hard every night.

And we all laugh together. All of us. Time flies. How has it been two years already in just a blink of an eye.

When we just got married, I figured I would be knocked up in my second year. Definitely. Giving birth before 3-0. Now, I'm not so sure.

Nancy says we lack mummy genes. Ermm it means we lack the trait that other women have, you know, gushing over newborns, other people's kids.

Its kinda true. I only gush over Nathan. Little nephew. Or just the cute ones like Xiaxue's dash. Gawd I'm shallow. Sorry future kid. Gawd lighting is gonna strike me down now for sure. For shame!! 

Cs and Nathan. Isn't he cute?! 

But I'm sure when I have my own kid, he/she will be the prince/princess in my own eyes. What I'm saying is, I'm waiting for that feeling to hit me!

I read a quote once though: if you keep waiting for a perfect time, it will never happen. Or something like that. Means, there is NO perfect time. Most things that are the most wonderful to us happen by accident don't they? We can't plan everything. We can't wait for that stupid moment to hit us. Damn. I know this. But yeah.

Actually this is supposed to be a lovey dovey post. But truth is, I have a lot I want to say. I have been feeling really stressed recently. Not work but home matters. Don't think anyone can tell cos we hide it well. Like now. :) See? A smiley face makes it less serious eh.

Change topic. Sorry people I'm not up to sharing yet. 

For now, Cs is wonderful. I thank God that I have him in my life. Someone who loves my family as well. Someone who cares. Someone who's so kind. Sorry, you can gag. It's ok.

And mostly, someone who loves me so much. Even now, he would do something and I would think: wow he really loves me. And I have this tiny guilt inside me: I should be a better wife. Not that I'm not now la. /hasty. Hahah. Just that maybe my temper could be better. :D My patience not so limited. 

My own birthday back in August. :) Edited the pic to make it look better a bit. Dad, bro and Cs sang me my birthday song. Win and mum were still in Europe then. 

On our "walks". Normally after dinner, we bring Cherrie out for walks. She associate me with walks already. Every time I go over, and after she has finished running in circles around me licking and snorting, she leads me to the front door. Hahah damn cute.

Photo a bit blur. 

Night all. 

I update more next time. :)

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