Friday, 18 October 2013

Just wondering

How did girls get the memo that you're not supposed to wear white to another person's wedding? Oh you didn't get the memo? Bitch. Don't wear white to my wedding. Guess who did? My mom. Ok. Guess she's the only woman in the world who can since she did give birth to me. Haha (this is me smiling again).

Even now, I see others wearing white to another person's wedding and I go wtf? Are you so desperate for attention? Leave it at your wedding. And yes, you may say why is the bride so insecure that she cares? Its respect actually. We girls have a code. Stick to it, else you're just a bitch. Unless the bride specifically said: wear white. Which, a friend of mine did. She said we all bridesmaids wear white. So we did. Even then, I'm careful not to put on too much makeup. Not that I think I will look better than the bride. Just that (again) its a sign of respect. You don't try to outdo the bride. In any way. Especially not a friend.

How did girls get the memo that you're not supposed to outdo the person who invited you to some event? OK this may sound confusing. But I just know. As you do I suppose. You don't outdo the host. 

I don't know what memo's guys get. Probably don't hit on another guy's girl. But then this is universal and unisex. Heh. I'll ask Cs later when he comes home.

He's at another badminton match. Won one game; lost another. Now they're at supper. Yes, I know everything. Hahahha he reports everything to me voluntarily ok. I never forced him. Once his friend overheard him on the phone: I report to you later ok. (key word: report)

Friend: wahhhh! You have to report to your wife????

Noooo... Makes me sound damn bad. 

Anyway. What's new lately? 

Sometimes I wish I privatized my blog so I can speak freely. My own fault eh. I have so many drafts I add each day. I'm afraid of the backlash. In a way, this makes me a coward eh?

It takes guts to speak your mind. I learned that the hard way. I wish I'm more like hmm...who is the gutsiest person I know? 

Nobody actually. Mum is just you know, typical. Not gutsy. Just taukenio. Sorry mum. 

Winnie is meh. Like me or worse. My friends? Shirley is direct. If you piss her off, she will fuck you. Nifer is smarter and more matured than both of us or else she wouldn't be where she is now. 

I wanna be the one who speaks her mind. Like Jessica Wakefield or Lila, only not that mean. I have no qualms getting into a fight with someone who pisses me off, or worse, tries to hurt my loved ones. I protect the people I love. But I don't seem to know how to protect myself. 

But then again, it depends on my mood. If I'm pissed then fuck you all. Go die. A friend of me once told me that when her bf cheated on her, she was like that for at least a year. Fuck you all. She didn't care about anything or anyone. I hope it doesn't take that to force it out of me. Nahh. 

You can't tell behind this facade eh? That's what mum was talking about. My face hides it all. But you guys know better. :)

So I was testing out this new app and I decided that my hair looks better than either of us. Sorry yao. We don't look our best. 

I was looking for new photos to post but don't have. This was in my folder so this shall do.

Coincidentally, I have to be there (that location) for a dinner tomorrow night.

And this may be the most honest post in a while.


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