Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Public holidays = awesome

Cs and I were playing around with Galaxy just now. The Android version of Siri. 

Btw has anyone seen the original Siri person? This is the link in case you haven't. Interesting. Quite eerie I think to hear your own voice. Anyway. We were playing with Galaxy just now. I'm the white coloured backgroud one.

She hasn't heard of my blog!!

I think I just got friend zoned. Pfft. 

Cs burst out laughing cos he told me to say i love you.

Its public holiday now in Malaysia. Yay! I spent the day eating and shopping with Cs. Productive day. Woke up at 11:30 am, went for lunch with Cs at Mcd, went to the Summer (new mall at Kota Samarahan), bought some clothes at Kitschen, had U-cha, went to ST3 to visit a friend's shop for egg tarts and juices, then went to Hijau for dinner and drinks. Man that sounds like a lot of food and drinks.

Yven - egg tarts owner- now also sells these mini egg tarts with fruits and tiramisu on top. There are other flavors as well. They also sell bread that they make themselves. Its good stuff. There's one I really like with cheese in the middle. No pics. But Yven is really chatty so he'll introduce you no doubt when you go to his shop. 

After I came home, I chopped up celery, carrots and tomatoes for my lunch tomorrow. Going to add in a boiled egg for protein. Meh. Kinda sick of unhealthy food already. I want vegetables please. I'm weird like that. Let me be.

I finally tried this. Winnie bought them in Switzerland but I only opened them. Whiskey filled center. None of that light stuff. When I had it, I immediately went: wow..this is some quality chocolate!

Halloween is a coming! I don't know what to be this year. :) Yay love dressing up. Love going out in a group cos everyone is naturally happier than normal in their excitement. Haha.

Ok that was an update anakliew. :D


I wrote this post in a rush. Can you tell? No time to check for mistakes. Bye.

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