Monday, 30 September 2013

Continuation of KL trip

I love panini's and hate that Kuching don't sell them much. The only place I know that has them is Bing. Its ok. They have lamb, vegetarian, ham and tuna if I'm not mistaken.

This was breakfast in Genting. Damn its expensive though. Think it was RM 21 for this. But its holiday so oh wells. Don't think about it. Earn back the $$ after holiday. This trip was with parents anyway so it was nice to not have to pay for anything besides my own shopping. How nice.

Dad even insisted on buying me stuff in H&M. Lucky me. He led the way into the store and said: I want to buy you something. Choose! :))) How often does this happen? 

Love sitting out there in the morning. Cool breeze and slight fog. Its nice to people watch and also to watch the clouds go by. Literally.

We checked out and went to KL quite early. We reached Melia Hotel by 12 pm but our rooms were not ready. So impatient dad agreed to upgrade the rooms so we were on the "level" floor (weird name level), which means we could have free cocktail hour. Nice. We didn't know that when we upgraded. We just wanted 2 beds cos its 3 of us.

Anyway. Long story short. That was why we got free food and drinks. Mum and me took advantage of course. 

I'm a guy at heart. I always have beer or whiskey. I don't like drinks with cute little umbrellas on them. Mum had wine and champagne. I tried it..not bad. Look at their salmon..quite generous eh. I err ate the salmon without the bread. Soi kuan. Means know, bad behavior.

We walked into a random saloon and got a hair wash. I love this guy la. One of the best ever.

This is me in the fitting room in H&M. Mum and dad went back to the hotel to rest up, while I shopped by myself. 

I walked to Times Square to Matsuda to buy Cs' clothes. Whatsapped him the photo but no reply. He was sleeping at home. So I took matters into my own hands and bought him 3 shirts. Easy. Like how I chose his jeans and pants and working clothes too. And brought him to facial and dyed his hair. And chose his shoes, undies etc etc. Hahahha this is normal right? And chose facial wash, moisturizer, and this goes on and on and on. Hahhaa tell me you girls do the same too. Ahem.

Dad has been raving about this place for so long and finally I got to try it too. He even tapau-ed the pork leg back to Kuching once. Lihai eh. I didn't get a good photo but yeah can definitely see why its so good and so popular. Good stuff for pork lovers and meat lovers.

Every table has a basket of bread. Love it. Every restaurant/cafe should have this. Fresh bread basket. I love bread and carbs. Woe is me. 

We ordered this only. One main dish. The basket of bread was complementary. They give a side dish with potato gratin (I think), salad, and something else. Not bad. Just right for 3 of us.  

Mum and dad didn't want to take photos (their loss) so I syok sendiri lah. I Googled syok sendiri - full of themselves. Sheet. No. It doesn't mean full of themselves (maybe a bit). It means indulging in oneself's own pleasure. How's that? :)

This was at breakfast the next day. Only 2 people get free breakfast per room but they have awesome service really. The girl said its ok for today. But tomorrow you have to pay. Hahha. Thanks anyway.

Dad acting like its his own private room.

This was the next day. Tuesday. The real reason we went to KL was cos we had to go to the hospital. Meeting a doctor. 

OOTD with mum. I never posted stuff like that. Start once for the heck of it.

Dress from FOS. Cardigan from HK. Sandals from Cotton On. Bag from F21 Tokyo. Hey that sounds cooler than it really is. Is that why people do this? Heh.

Breakfast! Love this kinda breakfast. Incidentally the only time I eat coco crunch is in hotels when on vacation. Funnily enough after I came back from the trip, I went to Choice and bought myself the kids pack. Think I'll have them for lunch tomorrow. Together with muesli that Winnie bought but didn't want anymore. 

The next day awaiting check out. Are you sick of photos of me yet? Sorry but mum and dad don't take photos as much as me. 

Phone case (new!) from Sg Wang. Top from Krabi. Jeans from ROMP.

On the MAS flight back, they have tv's for all of us and earphones. Cool. Watched SATC again. Meh..the last trip with Cs, I watched SATC again too. 

Roti canai for the meal back. I thought it was not bad.

I'll update more on life next time. 


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