Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Awaiting check out

Check out is 12 pm. It's too late to go out shopping. Plus I don't want to sweat. My luggage is packed.  My phone fully charged to prepare for reading ebooks at the airport and on the plane.

Am re-reading tilly bagshawe's angel of the dark. Its ok. I have only read it once.

Don't know what to talk about now. I'm just wasting time.

Umm..this time we are in Melia hotel. Its opposite Times Sq. We upgraded to "the level" rooms. 15 floor. Benefit was we got to go to level 18 to have free food and alcoholic drinks from 5 to 7 every day. We can choose to have bfast there as well.

Very cool. So guess where mum and I have been spending our time. Heheh.

They have wine, champagne(!!), beers, vodka and whiskey and all that.  Food are mostly high tea type of food. It was ok. Too close to dinner time so we didn't eat much.

Travelling with mum and dad means eating wayyy too much food. 

But its ok. I am hoping that all the walking helped offset it. Tomorrow its time to really exercise. please excuse any errors. I am typing from my phone. Bye.

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