Sunday, 15 September 2013

In the taxi now..

Going up to Genting. Both parents have their eyes closed enjoying themselves listening to old chinese songs. Dad requested from the taxi driver.

Its a long drive..might as well be comfy eh. Haha.

Oddly, I feel quite peaceful. Maybe cos seeing the two of them like that. Little blessings.

We flew Mas this time. No tv's with every seat. Whaiii not?! So I spent my time eating slowly, taking lots of pictures and going to the toilet. Heh.

Going back on wed. Missing cs. Feeling happy that at least I don't have to work tues and wed. Yayers. Monday is a public holiday. Seriously I think Malaysia has a lot of public holidays. :) Always a good thing. 

Don't remember the last time I went to Genting. Years ago with Cs me thinks. Imma try my luck at gambling this time. No going to theme parks though.

These photos are from the plane ride just now. Air Asia's pak nasser nasi lemak was much better. But this was free. Sort of. So no complaints mummmm. Hahah she kept complaining how bad Mas' food has deteriorated.

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