Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Genting trip with mum and dad last week

So I already posted some photos the past week while I was there. But this is a more complete narration. :)


We (mum, dad and I) went to KL together early in the morning. 5 am alarm rang. Yawnn. Our flight was at 6:15 am. Kiasu max. First stop was at Genting. My last trip to Genting was with Cs in 2009. Time flies man. Incidentally, I don't remember the last trip I took with just both of my parents. Most of the time, Winnie would be with us. So I guess this was a first.

Start from the beginning ah. I am like that. Get used to it. Must take photo of the food on the plane. Must take photo of self on the plane. Must compare flights to and fro. Must compare AA and MAS. Hahha kidding on the last part.

We flew MAS this time. Free food. Sorry to compare (ishh), but AA's nasi lemak was more delicious. Just saying. Its still free so no complaints. If don't like, no need to finish what. Right right? 

I don't like it when I'm trying to eat and someone nearby keeps complaining about the quality of the food. Referring to restaurants or kopitiams, mostly the critics in KFC. I think its quite possible the chef could have an off day. Or coincidentally, a hair fell into your food, so no need to kick up such a fuss all the time. Unless you're super bitchy all the time lah. Or unless their attitude really really sucks. If then, just boycott lah. No need to be so pissed off. Most of the time in KFC, I just feel sorry for the shop owners. If someone mentions this kinda stuff, then someone would start the KFC is for "criticizing". If not, why comment here? Yawn. Its a never ending debate.

And yes, I know I sometimes bitch about restaurants too. That's when I'm super bitchy and yes, I admit it. But I'm trying to do less of that already. :) Peace.

Before you know it, we have arrived! Genting!

My camera is kinda awesome.. 

I forgot how nice it was up there. The cool air/wind blowing, the food (not really). OK maybe just the cool air. It makes you smile. Unlike the heatwave we have in Kuching now, it makes you angry. Cos its just too hot to do anything.

If I stayed in KL, I would go up to Genting on public holidays too. Would be a nice change. Its not too far even. About an hour car ride. 

This trip was kinda last minute. So, dad's friend got him a free room using his rewards points (the casino). Cool. Two double beds and a big bathroom.

OK bad photo but its my fault. I just took this photo to whatsapp to Cs to show him the room.

We stayed at Maxim's hotel (I think that's the name - I keep forgetting)  this time around. Checked in our room and met dad's friends for lunch.

Later after lunch, I went and got my own rewards card to start gambling. I'm really not a gambler at all. Lost RM 90 and called it a day. It took about an hour at least queuing up, going back and forth to apply for the member card, and I lost the money in less than 10 mins. Ironic. Or just really stupid.

It took way longer to find two slot machines that we (mum and I) wanted to play and that is side by side. And when we finally finally found 2 suitable machines, I quit so easily. HAHA. Damn wasting time. I kept getting strange looks from uncles and aunties. Mum says I don't look like the gambling type. Chehh. Everyone has to start somewhere what. 

I just spent my time fetching drinks for mum and dad and myself. Oh and going to the toilet. And taking photos of myself. HAHA no wonder got weird looks lah. Like, this girl again!! Did she come in just for the free drinks or what?!

I kept taking photos of myself around the slot machines area while mum continued to play. Later on, mum mentioned that she was waiting for someone to stop/catch me from taking photos. Cos no taking photos allowed in the casino. Zzz thanks mum. Meh. I knew it but I didn't care. I was waiting for someone to stop me too. Hahah. No one cared apparently. Obviously it doesn't look like I'm trying to cheat my way through the game for myself or anyone else. 

Moving on. For dinner, we went to a western/italian restaurant. Slash italian cos they serve pizzas. Too bad we didn't order it boo.

I like that they put the beers in this plastic holder thingy. Not a bad idea. I'll keep that in mind if we ever have to take a road trip somewhere, I can tapau my beer in the car. Heheh. Or bring up to Damai. 

Dinner was kinda mehh. So no photos.

Photo of happy parents on holiday. :) 

During dinner, I showed them the "beauty face" feature on my S4 and dad went: nicee..where is it? Which button on my phone? Hahaha he wants it too! Sorry dad. S2 don't have. 

Genting at dusk.

OK update the other days next time. 

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