Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sensoji Temple at Asakusa and some minor updates

So continuing with my Japan updates

Our hotel was about a 5 minute (more or less) walk from Tokyo Sky Tree. We were out exploring the area around our hotel and also looking for Sensoji temple at Asakusa. 

We didn't walk to Tokyo Sky Tree cos I was feeling tired and cold. And I am the type who must stick to the itinerary. Not must la. But if we decide to go to one place, we should go there. Not go somewhere else. Stick to the plan!

So off we went to Sensoji temple. 


Lucky we went at night too cos there are not so many tourists around taking photos. We went quite late. I don't remember what time now..but it was also really cloudy so we were hurrying along trying to beat the rain. No umbrella and we didn't want to spend money on buying an umbrella that we couldn't bring back (to Kuching).

Btw, we did buy one (in Hakone I think) and left it somewhere (forgot to take when the rain stopped), so we refused to buy another umbrella. Surprise surprise. Costs Y500 I think. RM 16 in case you were wondering.

Huge red lantern. 

This part of town Ueno/Asakusa area is more traditional than Shibuya/Shinjuku. The hotels are cheaper in this area than in Shinjuku/Shibuya area. Initially, I chose to stay here cos its cheaper and also cos I wanted to visit Ueno park, go to Sky Tree, Asakusa etc. 

We changed our hotel to Shinjuku after that. It was a good choice I think. To experience both sides of Tokyo. Also we chose a cheap hotel (RM180) and a more pricey (about RM 600) one. So we got to try both. Btw the Hakone hotel was most pricey at about RM 700. But its also the best one. So no complaints really. 

Moving on. This is the lane leading up to the temple. In the day time, its full of shops selling mostly food and souvenir items. We went back in the day time and all these shops were open. That night, we didn't manage to buy much. Its quite pricey though. Think they hike up the price cos most tourists go there. But its nice to buy souvenirs if you want to pay for it.

They have all those usual Japanese souvenirs like cute bags, magnets, key chains, slippers, and lots of food to sample. 

Some of the food for sale. They pack it nicely in those bags and they tell you that it can last for a week or so etc. Guess they are used to tourists asking whether they can bring it back to their home country. 

Wanted to buy a cute hat for Nathan (nephew) then realized ohhhh its for pets. So I went to ask about dog costumes but Cherrie too fat. No bigger sizes. Poor fatty. She's about 8.2 kg now. Haha very round and very cute.

Just to show how huge the lantern is.

After that we walked around the neighborhood and found ourselves in Freshness Burger again. Just because its THAT good!

They have beer might as well. :D

Lousy photo but take my word for it will ya? Try it if you happen to pass by. In case you're craving for some burger after all that Japanese food.

Found a better photo. Does it not look gooood? Ok I know it doesn't but it is!


OK end. 

Btw its my mum's birthday today. 

It was also my wedding anniversary (2 years) yesterday.

P/S: Right now, we (dad, Cs, Win and I) are watching Yi Dai Chong Shi (the chinese name). Its about Ip Man. It sucksss big time. We are all complaining about it and I'm blogging now. Cs is playing with his ipad. Dad fell asleep. But then he always falls asleep (not always but sometimes he does when watching movies. Winnie is complaining out loud but still watching. Heh. Yawn.

I will write a separate post on mum and Cs. Soon I hope. :)

Cannot blame me. I'm a busy girl ok.


Just came back from work and family members all waiting at the dinner table (except dad). Pressure so we go take our seats and eat immediately. Mum's birthday so they tapau-ed pizza, and kfc. 

After dinner, bring Cherrie for her walk with mum, bro, sis and Cs. 

Go change out of work clothes, brush teeth and wash face.

Go to gym and start exercising for an hour. Let my sweat dry (5 mins cos no time) and shower and wash hair. Do those girly chores (dry hair, moisturizer, lotion etc).

Hurry back and dad is waiting for me to watch tv already. He likes spending time together. Bonding time. Said tv that is playing now. Boring but for now, all three of them are watching. Haha I'm the only one not concentrating.

Later, decide on tomorrow's lunch. And its already 10:07 pm. 

So good night all.

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