Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mum's birthday and hot pockets!

Mum's birthday fell on Sept. 4. We all had a quiet simple dinner at home this year. No celebrating in the pub this year. We finally grew up out of it. Heheh.

Mum loves pizza too so we tapau-ed pizza hut for dinner. Mum or eli made mushroom soup (love their version), and some vege dish. Kev tapau-ed some KFC cos he can't live without meat. Meh. Men. 

Winnie and I continued our cooking spree. Looked up some interesting recipes online and decided to test it out. Good thing that there are two of us. Oh plus Eli too. So between the three of us, its not as tiring as if there's just one of us. You get what I mean?

We wanted to make pizza hot pockets. It basically looks like curry puff only bigger. Like cornish pasty size. I love cornish pasties btw so I tried to search for the recipe too. 

It requires beef actually, which I don't want to use cos dad doesn't take beef, and we wanted everyone to taste it.

In the end, we came up with this:

Not bad if I may say so. :)

Ahh screw modesty. It tastes freaking yum ok. Hahaa. 

I adapted the recipe from here. Go experiment yourself too. 

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