Monday, 2 September 2013

Last weekend..

Helloo..So we finally went out drinking last Saturday night. We went to Loso cafe with a bunch of friends. Its been a while. To say the least. Heh. We are now a bunch of old retirees. 

We went for dinner together at Colugos (Tun Jugah ground floor) first. Weird lah. The last time I went there was lunch with my colleagues. It was fine. No major complains. This time, almost everyone's food (except mine) was lukewarm. Not hot. Not freshly cooked.

Insert vain photo first.

Vero ordered a mee hoon soup thing (some Indon dish that I don't know the name of) and it was lukewarm. Mehh. A soup dish that isn't piping hot is not nice. 

My chicken dish was the best. Can tell immediately that its the only thing that's freshly cooked. The fries were left cold. Cs had some butter chicken dish and the sauce was cold. Eww please. 

Anyway. Colugos serves western and some Indonesian dishes. Quite interesting menu actually. Maybe it was just that night. We didn't completely write Colugos off yet. Thinking of giving it another try still. Its still a new restaurant right? Maybe they still need to work out some kinks. Remember, my chicken dish was good. No complaints ok.

That said. Go try lah. You never know. Your experience might be better than mine. :)

After dinner, we went to Loso (the pub). Weird name, I know. Its so hard to tell my other friends the pub name. I sound so cina (which I am, I know). But sounds so weird. We went there at 8 pm. So early. So kiasu. We had nowhere else to go lah.

As per usual, we talked and played card games to while the time away.

We played the drinking game at first. You know, the type where you get everyone to drink more first (to get the buzz going). After that when everyone is a bit full (from dinner and drinks combo), we slow down and play more complicated games.

Winnie taught us this circle of death game which I like. It has quite a few rules so we always have to write it down on a piece of paper. For example:

 1,3,5 = drink yourself. 

2,4,6,8 = others drink.

 7 = toilet pass (without which you cannot go to toilet) Quite fun but no use cos everyone goes to toilet BEFORE we start the game.

10 = category (such as, name the types of beer. The person who runs out first loses). Loser =  drink. 

Examples of category of the night are: name the NBA basketball players. Crystal immediately blurted out RONALDO!! To which all of us laughed like shit. Hahah thank God she saved me.. So I don't have to crack my head thinking of NBA players. I suggested U.S. state names. Hahah what what? I sure win ok. Hahha. When it was Vero's turn, she said: name perfume brands and bra brands. Cs asked for badminton player names. Typical. When it was her turn, Cyrstal answered: Lim Siew Ling!! Which made everyone laugh like shit again. Her name is Lim Siew Ling lah. Crazy girl. When she said Lim....we all thought she was gonna say Lin Dan. Turned out she forgot his name. So she jokingly said out her own name. What else? Ling (another guy) asked for motorbike brands. Sheet me. But luckily we all came out with Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Toshiba. Hahah. Fun right? 

 J = rule of thumb, where the person who gets the Jack has to put his/her thumb on their forehead and everyone has to follow. Slowest person drinks. This is fun cos the person who gets the Jack can do the thumb thing anytime, and as many times as they want until the next Jack comes out. So of course we all make full use of it.

Q = make a rule (such as, I make a rule that says no touching phones starting now. This is quite fun cos everyone must follow that ruleuntil the next Queen comes out. I love making everyone not touching their phones, or not speaking mandarin. I requested everyone speak Malay. Heheh. Some other laws suggest no touching their hair (only applicable to ladies), or no sitting down. 

K = whoever has the last K has to one go the whole glass. And then the game ends when all four Kings come out.

That's it. You can make your own rule. That's the beauty of this game. There are others but I figured these are enough rules for the bunch of us. Play play. Try to play next time ok.

Vero, Crystal and me.

Remember I told you Cs is super lucky? Guess what? He won a lucky draw again!! Jeez. In the beginning of the night, he already pointed out at the prizes and went: oh look! Luck draw. I want that bottle of vodka. That's mine. I'm taking it home. 

Fook me! He won!! He freaking won! Second prize lah but its still that bottle of vodka. Lucky guy. Siew Ling didn't get anything. Heheh.

We didn't stay late that night. After the circle of death above, we played some other games. This time, its the more action punya game la. 

For example, draw cards. Smallest card, that person has to do a dare. I know we sound damn childish. When you're drinking, you're stupid. Whatever.

Anyway. Vero dared me to go up to the front of that red shirt guy in the photo and toss my hair/head seductively. I did it. But when I came back, the whole table (my friends I mean) burst out laughing wtf. Thanks guys. The guy must have thought I was trying to seduce him. Stupid bimbo. Hahah.

Other dares were asking Cs to catwalk in front of everyone or what else I don't remember now.. Just normal stuff.

Anyway. That was our Saturday night. Pretty tame. But all in all, a fun night out.


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