Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tales from the casino

What I learned today:

If you look too kwai aka like me, people stare a lot. Mum said its cos I don't look like the gambling type. I suppose this is another way of saying I am the kiasu type. Seriously though, the staring bugged the hell out of me!! Grrr. Its not that I look good. I definitely don't.  Mum says I'm not aggressive enough. Didn't walk fast enough and didn't push people around.

Which brings me to point no.2. Gamblers are so pushy!! And rude!! And they smoke too damn much. They rush here and there. They scold. They stink.

Dad isn't like that. I has a civilized dad. Yay me.

You can lose money reaaaaly quickly. In a blink of an eye. Where's my money?? Hahah.
Ok la. Complain enough.

Mum is somewhat luckier than me. She keeps getting diamonds something which means free spin. 

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