Sunday, 3 November 2013

Same old, same old

Post from the past. Looking through my Drafts and randomly selected a few blog posts to post. This is one of them :)

Heya. I want to update my blog, but its been same old, same old these days.

Yesterday, I had a shitty day at work so I sulked and said no cooking tonight. Hehe. So we went to MJC kopitiam for simple kolo mee (me, finished the whole bowl wow I'm shocked and so full afterwards), and chicken rice (him, of course). I never order chicken rice willingly by myself.

After that we went home to pack non-stop. Meh. I attacked the cupboard upstairs. If we lose any items of clothings, we both know who to blame. Cs kept the tv's, sound system, and radio, and packed them up nicely for storage.

Keeping the cupboards is hard work okay. In between tossing out certain items, and trying on half the outfits  in my closet (cos I found some clothes I never wore), and neatly packing them into different plastic bags, it was tough.

Here are some conversations from last night:

Me: Do you think I look fat in this? (turns and poses in front of him)
Cs: No. You never look fat. (Comes over to smile and kiss me)

Some 30 mins later

Me: Do you think I should keep this? (turns and poses in front of him)
Cs: yes (without looking up)
Me: look again. Is my stomach big in this? Is my ass too big? Are the arms too tight? Can you see my undies? Is the dress too short?

Some 2 hours later

Me: Do you think I should throw this?
Cs: (ignores)

At the end of the night, maybe Cs secretly wanted to throw the tv into my face. Haha. Don't blame him. Ahem.

In an attempt to sound less bimbotic, maybe I should er..quote some facts from work today. Ramdom facts are stuck in my head today. Specifically those oil and gas pipeline companies. Gawd kill me now. Kill them more like. Why do I get such long companies?! Why! Who did I offend?

Ok bye. Abrupt end cos I can't think of anything else to say now.

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