Thursday, 14 November 2013

Grey's Anatomy

Wrote this post last night but forgot to post. Posting it now.

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Shonda Rhimes is sick. I tell you, sick. Because only a sick person can come up with so many ways to screw up a person's life. That, among others. Take Meredith for example. She has so far survived a plane crash, drowning, bombing, plane crash, and now giving birth. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Dafuq?

Every time before a season ends, she has to find some way to screw up every doctor's life. If you can't tell yet, I love this series and have watched it multiple times from Season 1 to Season 9. But man this is too much. I got sick of it starting from season 7 onwards.

They keep bringing in new people and killing off old ones. George O'Mailley died first, then Izzie left, Dr Burke left too (but that I don't care too much), Lexie died (wtf?!) and Sloan. Sigh. They just keep bringing in new ones and killed or thought of some painful way for them to die. I would prefer if they stopped at Season 6. Like SATC was good and they stopped at Season 5 (or was it Season 6) And came out with 2 movies. That's it. Story ends. Not like this. Never ending trauma. 

And yes, its a hospital story of course there are trauma's. Kev and Win say its all just love/sex between the doctors. Others tell me its full of medical terms. I disagree on both. Its not like they show explicit images of sex or way too much love drama. Most of the time the doctors are promiscuous. This can go both ways. Anyway what I mean is, its not like the L word. That was a drama about a group of lesbians and their lives. In the beginning, it was interesting then I got a bit bored of all those girls making out. 

I dunno la. I have no idea why I like to watch Grey's Anatomy too. Its interesting to me. Maybe I should have been a surgeon too eh. Pfft. /sings sweet dreams are made of these.

Change topic.

There have been some thieves in our housing area recently. Motherfuckers. Second time this week.

First time, our neighbor told us his gas tank got stolen, among others. He went out and got a dog.

Dad went to tell Eli, who checked our own gas tank, only to find it stolen too, among others. Like my shoes. Gone. Chee bye. That was a few days back.

Tonight, eli informed me again that our next door neighbors stole some stuff again. They installed cctv this time. SON OF A BITCH!!!

I continue next time. Busy now. Bye.


Kuching party said...

My GOD... you cursed like a sailor ! Yes, I hate those petty thieves too. Some broke into my parent's house last year. I think those teamed up with creepy taxi drivers who drove my parent to airport. The best way is for neighbor to watch out for each other. You cannot trust those alarm guys too as they will be the crooks when sun goes down.

Amy said...

....I curse cos I'm angry at those thieves!! But yes, I should stop cursing so much. Haih.

It sounds like there's nothing much we can do. Sigh. Yeah, neighbors watch out for each other..but its not enough. My neighbors reported to the police btw. Hopefully they'll patrol the neighborhood more?

Kuching Party said...

Most of our police are either dude or crooks ! The best way I think is to have friends or neighbor watching out for each other like a "neighborhood watch" thing. Keep a few barking dogs will help too.
Kuching people like those tall walls/fences... those are bad as they cover the thieves once they climb inside and work on your doors and windows. A simple "transparent" chain link fence is best. Yes, I hate those "C.B" thieves too.