Sunday, 3 November 2013

To cherish, to hold and to keep

Listening to Kenny G’s Songbird now. This song brings back “wedding” memories. Planning for our wedding, fretting over little details. Its all behind us now. So happy. Reason I’m writing this down though, is because I feel so lucky, so blessed to have him. That I married him. I thank God everyday for this. It’s the little things he does. I feel so lucky to wake up next to him everyday. Thank you.

When I broke up with Willie years ago, I felt like the world (my world) had ended. Life was meaningless. All those clichés seem to fit me so well then. I was angry and upset. Shirley said this to me, and I remember it so well: you will find someone who loves you more. You will. He’s out there.

And I thought: impossible. Well, it felt impossible then.

But I did. I found him. He was right beside me all along. I found him. He’s mine to keep, to cherish and to hold.

Thank you.

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