Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday blues

When I woke up this morning, I chose this pink/purple dress instead of my usual black in an attempt to ward off Monday blues.

Not working. If anything I feel more meh than anything. Its only 10 am and I have so far managed to snap at Cs a few times, causing him to have a lousy Monday (bad wife) morning too, and is now ignoring me (I assume). Shit. Or he's just really busy.

Time to turn this around. Apologised to him already. He just blew me a kiss. (emoticon but still). /heart thaws a little bit wtf. Ice queen.

Ok better now. Yes, I feel ashamed typing this out. 

At times like these, I normally find some way to cheer myself up. I tried listening to Christmas carols but it didn't work. Mostly because well, Christmas to me means nothing much really. Besides drinking and going out for a nice dinner. This year particularly, I'm not sure. My parents might be going somewhere again (doctor not vacation), and for that reason, we shall see. 

Christmas in a four season country would so rock though. Here, we hear Christmas carols, yes but there are no pretty decorations everywhere, no night illuminations, and no cold weather. We just have the rainy season upon us again. Typical Monsoon season for non-Malaysians. Christmas in London means boxing day shopping, enjoying the cold weather, ice skating, planning Christmas dinners, and gift exchanges. That's fun. But here, my group of friends and family just go out for a nice dinner and exchange gifts (mostly half heartedly cos its the norm and not really from the heart - me thinks), and drink the night away. Not as fun.

Maybe I should break tradition and organize something eh? We went to Damai one year and it was so so packed. School holidays and lots of kids swarming around. We went to Bar Zing once and it was soo packed that some of us had to stand away from our table. Not fun  Think 12 of us shared one tiny table. Boo. So hmm what can we do? House party? No longer have a house. Its under construction - will be done mid next year earliest. Fingers crossed.

I am staying at my brother's house now. He lives alone so its still plenty of privacy. Its also really close to my parents house so I eat dinner there every night. I love this part of the arrangement. Home cooked meals ftw! I didn't put up photos because well we have many boxes of stuff around the living room that I have no place to store them. So it makes the place looks messy. So yeah. 

What else in terms of an update??

Friday night - I went out with Vero for a ladies night. Talked for hours and got to know each other's dark secrets, among other things. Hehe. This is why we need happy drinks.

Sat night - went out with Cs to Damai Central. He was craving oh chien again. Oh chien - oyster pancake Kuching style. 

I know most people don't like it cos there's too much of the crispy batter. But Cs and I (mostly) loves almost all types of oh chien - Teochew, Thai, Taiwanese, or Kuching. 

That's bitter gourd with egg (bottom left) and fried squid with salt and pepper. Our meal, including two bowls of rice, and drinks cost RM 68. Not bad considering that's what a soup, two main course and a dessert at Chef at Home costs too. RM 69. I remember cos recently we've taken to betting on who guess the total bill amount correctly. Heh I lost. Cis.

Its the school holidays and there were a lot more people around that I expected. Escobar was packed and we could not get a table. In the end, we bough two beers to sit by the beach! It was awesome!! It was high tide, the weather was perfect, stars lit up the night sky, and overall it was a nice night out.

Ok this is unrelated. But I was wondering is that his/her name real? OK that's stupid. Of course its real. Wtf would he/she put their fake name there? 

Just thought it was quite apt. The surname and first name I mean. 

This got me thinking of a really funny name Shirley once told me. Her colleague's name was Naima. In Cantonese it means wet nurse. I wonder if she have trouble keeping a straight face when calling out to her. Hehehe.

Ok bye.


Kuching Party said...

Tropical Christmas can be really nice too. If you visit Hawaii and some pacific Islands and you will experience; palm trees, Christmas lights, beach parties, BBQ, fresh flowers, coconut drinks, music..
...better than cold wet snow. Cheers

Amy said...

That sounds pretty awesome. Would love to visit some day. :D