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Disney sea and Tokyo Tower

Hi. Thanks for your concern and prayers about my dad. I do appreciate it. But I would also like to move on with life these days. Don't get me wrong. Dad is a huge part of it. I'm glad that now I can talk about this more openly. No more cryptic posts. On the other hand, I don't want any pity or sorry's. Sorry its just me. I'm sure you understand. Daddy is fine now, and we are all trying to be positive. Looking up new treatment plans and so on and so forth.

Anyway. Moving on.

I realized that I have a lot more of Japan to talk about. Sorry if you're sick of it (Winnie). But I'm actually quite looking forward to my trip now. Must be all that planning. My word document is about 6 pages long complete with table, maps and lots of links. Heheh.

We had to choose between Disneyland or Disneysea at Tokyo. For me, I thought that Disneyland would be too similar to Disneyland in Paris and HK, which I have been to, and Cs has been to Disneyland HK twice already. So, we chose to go to DisneySea, which is supposed to cater more to adults (scarier rides, and serve alcoholic drinks, for instance). Plus it promises to be breathtaking.

Go click on that link above for more information. Park tickets for a day costs Y6,200/RM200. Trivia of the day: Universal Studios Japan (USJ) tickets costs Y6,600/RM214. Express pass costs Y4,900/RM159. Total = Y11,500/RM372.15 each. Guess USJ costs more eh. I'm planning to get the express pass - will save soo much time.

Ok. Enough chatter. Photos.

Wanted to ride this gondola but every time we went back they said it was closed. Grr. This was in the beginning when we just walked in, and it was obviously still open. Probably closed later on due to maintenance or whatnot. 

The volcano in the middle of the park. DisneySea was really pretty though. Plenty of photo opportunities. We were lucky that it wasn't any holiday at all so not much school kids running around. 

But the popular rides like this Toy Story still went up to 60 mins (I think). Meh. No thanks. Skipped that and went on another ride instead. 

I liked this one. The boats move automatically so it was quite fun.

I have seen pictures of the Mermaid Lagoon before but it really does not do it justice. My photos really don't do it justice. It was so gorgeous! It looks almost fake. Its supposed to look like King Triton's underwater castle. I think la. Since the show was featuring little mermaid. We took photos during the show but immediately someone came over to tell us off. Nicely. 

There were a few rides in here. Nice. 

I don't know about the restaurant prices because we came in prepared. Bought some onigiri (rice balls) to eat and bottles of water from Family Mart. We ate it here. Inside the underwater world. Felt so surreal being there. 

The volcano up close. Cs is eating a pau/breadstick. Not so nice. I wanted another breadstick that others were eating but our Japanese sucks so we got the wrong one.

Btw all the shows were in Japanese (of course). But the directions etc were in English too so it was still easy to get around. We went to the Aladdin show and it was so funny to see Genie speaking Japanese and dancing to the songs. 

I know I should look happier in Disney wearing the Minnie hat. But I had a slight disagreement with Cs. We laughed about it afterwards. Why did we have to quarrel inside Disney? Spoil trip only. Yeah, that's why we didn't stay till night time. We went back to Asakusa area to find a nice restaurant for dinner instead.

Later on at night (or was it another day?), we went to Tokyo Tower. It looks like Eiffel tower eh? Only smaller. Just a guess. Lazy to Google - don't take my word for it.

It was quite late at night so not much people around. Took the lift upstairs for the night view.

Blur shot but it was worth it. Making that trip.

Guess those pink flowers were in conjunction with sakura/ cherry blossom season.

I'm always scared of these lookdown window thingy. My photo shows a very scared face. Hehe. Letting my imagination run away with me, picturing myself falling, imagining the feeling of falling (like a roller coaster), and what Cs would do if I fall etc etc. Stupid eh. So yeah that's why no pictures of me. :D

Ok last one before I call it a night.

My verdict of Disney Sea: Yes, its worth a visit. After the visit though, Cs kept thinking that maybe he would prefer Disneyland more because there are less cartoon characters in Disney Sea (more adult themed remember?), and I dunno..seems like less Disney atmosphere. I think if you've never been to any Disney's, then yes, definitely choose Disneyland first. Now Cs is trying to hint me to make a trip to Tokyo so he can visit Disneyland. Meh. No thanks bro. Truth is, we don't have enough time. Maybe if we have an extra week, then yes! Definitely go to Tokyo and find a ski resort while we're at it.

Tokyo Tower: Its just another attraction. Take some pretty shots and that's about it. That said, I think its still worth it though. Its quite a way from where we stayed. Tokyo sky tree was so near to us, and yet we didn't go. Instead, we chose to go to Tokyo Tower. Ironic and weird. Anyway, definitely go at night. Can see all the night lights. So pretty.

Ok bye.

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