Thursday, 7 November 2013

Typing Test for fun

I tried this typing test out of boredom.

This is my score:

Typing Test
Visit the Typing Test and try!

What's yours?


We went to watch Thor the other night. It was ok. I won't give spoilers. Basically I just spent my time drooling over Thor and Loki, whoever is on screen, or marvel at how pretty Natalie Portman is. Can't decide who I like better yet: Thor or Loki? Thor or Loki?

Staying busy: Just one week ago, Natalie Portman was in Germany with her co-stars Chris Hemsworth (R) and Tom Hiddleston to keep promoting Thor: The Dark World around the globe
Beautiful people.

Anyway. If you haven't watched it, there are two credits. If you wanna wait for them la.

Btw, did you know Thor (ok Chris Hemsworth) is 192 cm and Tom Hiddleston is 187? Jeez they are soo tall. Natalie Portman is only 160 cm so she must be wearing really high heels in the movie.


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