Monday, 18 August 2014

Birthday stories

On the morning of, I redeemed my free tiramisu frappucino bright and early! It was only available for Wed, 13 Aug, which was coincidentally my birthday. Sore throat? What sore throat? :P

Convinced other August babies to redeem their free Starbucks drink that day too. 

This espresso cake is here because it serves as a reminder for myself. Never order this again. Well, actually Cs did. It tasted so strong of coffee - quite bitter. Kept baby girl awake and super active for hours. NEVER AGAIN!! My stomach felt so bruised and abused that day.

This might serve as a reminder to myself also: cut down caffeine intake while breastfeeding, cos apparently caffeine keeps her awake. Boo. Thought she would take after her daddy or grandpa, where coffee has no effect on them whatsoever. 

Was clearing out old boxes and found these!! Still new. Since we're waiting for the new house to be completed, I kept most of my stuff away in storage. New magnets from Japan, Taiwan and some countries in Europe courtesy of mom and Winnie. 

Le bff told me she got me some U.K. ones but lost them somehow. Hahaha..its ok. Its the thought that counts. Thank you anyway.

What a room at Four Points looks like. My first time here too. Pleasantly surprised that it was quite roomy, especially the toilet. The bed and pillows were so comfy..the type that you can sink into.

But I think they were cutting costs in some ways: no shaving kit, no shower cap, no hair dryer, no hand or face towels, and no extra toilet paper (to mention a few - have to call and request). 

All dressed up to go for birthday dinner NOT. Hahaha brought my makeup along but forgot to bring makeup remover. Sa gua jiu shi wo (who knows that song?).

I'm getting a bad case of baby brain these days. Its definitely more noticeable these days. I would give examples except I have forgotten them. =.=

See no touch. Boo. Flu so didn't dare risk it. Aih had to force myself to leave out my swimsuit so I wouldn't be tempted. Actually I wasn't really tempted to bare my prego body in my bikini. Not that confident cos the pool was just beside the restaurant. You actually have to walk inside the restaurant and use that door to go to the pool. Mehh.

We went to Bella Italia for dinner. Lasagna ftw! 

My birthday cake this year with the family at home..

It was okay. Cherries on top not nice. As I was making a wish, mom and dad were walking behind me saying stuff like: chubby, fat baby; or cute, chubby baby etc.

Fancy smancy filter to make this photo look cool. Its the only photo I OK-ed cos its of my back. From the front, I had too many things to complain about. Take again - face too fat. Take again - eyes too small etc etc. :D Heheh sorry sorry bear with me.

This photo was from 32 weeks prego sometime last month. Oh wait, I think it was one month ago on dad's birthday.

Finally using Cherrie as my phone case. Too bad she doesn't look this this now. Mom trimmed off a lot of Cherrie's hair and baby girl lost weight too. Don't know if she's pining for Eli or not, or mom is just doing a bad job of feeding Cherrie.

On the bright side, its so much easier to carry Cherrie now. Not as heavy or as round. But still cute. 

Thank you baby for my birthday treat and for spoiling me rotten. Thank you for everything that you do. :)

I want to write a proper post about turning 30. I'll do it in a new post as this is turning out longer than I expected. Ta.

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