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The Big 3-0

When I was 18 (turning adult), I thought 30 was so far away. I envisioned 30 year old's with stable jobs, kids and you know, just mature people who have got it all together.

Now that I'm 30, I realize that adults are sort of whinging it too. Yes, my life is more put together than it was 10 years ago. At least I have my life goals and people I love and live for, but I'm also still clueless to an extent. Do I want to work for this company 5 to 10 years down the line? No. Do I want more kids? I don't know. Will I be a good parent? I hope so.

One thing I realize now though is, we should really start taking care of our health. Its never too early to start and we take too many things for granted. High blood pressure? Mehh. There's medication for that. High sugar levels? I'll cut down the carbonated drinks for a while. Blood test every year? Whatever for? I'm only 30! Work out? I'll start next week. I'm just too tired today. But its this kind of mindset that will cause us to regret it in our 50's.

Actually even now, I see some people (acquaintances) with health problems already. If we're not careful, we'll be battling diseases for the rest of our lives. But on the flip side, I also believe in fate. Some people have it, some people don't. Some people can eat healthy food, work out, don't smoke or drink, and yep still lung cancer and die. Sorry I'm so morbid when I'm not supposed to be on this post eh.

Turning 30, I feel settled, contented and more at peace with life now. I am more grateful for simple everyday things like spending time with my family and Cs. We have a house together,  we are expecting a baby together, we have the basic necessities of life, and it seems enough.

 Of course I want more money, to travel more and yes, buy myself a ridiculously priced hand bag, but materialistic stuff aside, turning 30 ain't too bad at all.

The twenties seem to be about enjoying life to the fullest, taking risks and having fun. But as I reached my late twenties, I find myself going out less, or if I do go out, we choose quieter place to drink and talk. Our topics of conversations among friends have changed. In the pubs, we are the ancient ones now. Its true: our stories start with: last time, when I was in college or high school and with a start you realize holy shit, was that 10 years ago?!!

I read on Business Insider about this 30 experiences you should have before turning 30. I'll post some of mine here:

1) Run a half marathon. 

Oops.. first on the list and I didn't do this. Actually, I never wanted to join. I don't like running. In Kuching, running marathons seem to have become popular only these recent years. Or maybe I just noticed only because more people are posting it on FB.

But its not too late to try. I can still do this in my thirties. Color run marathon looks so fun. This, I would be willing to try. Saw that there was just one recently in KL. Way cooler compared to Kuching marathon.

2) Travel somewhere exotic

Define exotic please. Exotic makes me think of beach destinations like Maldives or Santorini, both of which are on my to-go list. But for now, Stavanger, Norway seems exotic enough. Look at those houses. Gorgeous!

3) Buy tickets to a music festival

This was a very impromptu festival. Not a major one but still hundreds of people dancing and singing, with lots of booze and carnival games, so I guess it counts? One of the perks of living in London then. Woke up one day and housemates go: Amy, lets go party! Me: OK. Anything also on back then. The freedom of youth. Hahaha. 

4) Go skinny dipping

The outdoor bath at Hakone.

Does this count? I stripped off nude a few times to go for a hot spring bath with other Japanese strangers. But nude beach seems more open somehow. Don't know how is that different. Both nude also.

5) Splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime meal at one of the world's best restaurants

Don't think I have ever dined at any Michelin star restaurants or even Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay's restaurants before. Fail. Quite kiamsiap eh. Its just that the portions always look teeny and I don't think I'll be full too. My more expensive meals always seem to be treated by family/relatives. Lucky me.

My most recent extravagant looking meal was probably this:

Its not just the food per se. It was the presentation and overall effort they put into serving you. It took 2 waiters several trips from the kitchen to serve this on our table. And no wonder why. Look how huge and heavy that thing is. And this is just ONE dish. This was at a glass house restaurant (the name in mandarin literally) in Taiwan. Don't know how to go there. Have to ask le cousin. Apparently she made the booking a few months in advance! 

6) Cook a huge meal and throw a dinner party for friends

Done this many times actually when we were still staying in MJC. Pool party always. I contribute one or two dishes and the others bring extra food and drinks. 

7) Test drive your dream car

I don't have a dream car. I frequently mix up car name/brands, much to Cs' frustration. Next.

8) Grab the microphone and perform at a karaoke bar

Done. Winnie and I went through a phase at Planet. Our favorite songs to sing included: moves like jagger from Maroon 5, If I die young, among others. We sound horrible yeah..but the good news is nobody can tell our voices apart heheh. Plus we throw in our fancy dance moves for good measure. To cover up the fact that our voices suck. Hahha.

9) Stay up all night partying in a big city like Los Angeles, Tokyo or London.

Done. Stayed up all night partying is what every uni student did especially after exams. There was a period of time where I did this every weekend. Think it was mid year, no exams what. Party. Not to future parents: don't send your kids to big cities to study. Too many distractions. Send your kids to Sunderland - boring small town with nothing hahah sorry but its the truth. Terrorists don't bomb Sunderland too. They target London. My logic works.

10) Watch a meteor shower

Nope but not for lack of trying. I tried many times. One of my efforts documented here

11) Go bunjee jumping or skydiving (anything that involves adrenaline)

Rollercoaster is adrenaline enough for me thanks. Lousy photo oh well.

I would try skydiving if I'm strapped to a hunky professional but I wouldn't jump out of the plane myself. Bungee jumping - nahh not interested.

Para sailing counted or not? Actually no adrenaline involved..just dizziness as an after effect. Heheh.

12) Throw yourself a huge birthday party

Done. I'm very beh siao li one. I did this at home and in the clubs.

This is one of the more special looking cakes. Don't know why they got me that. And yes, making a wish to a big cock is weird. Think that was the year I turned 25?

I blogged about my 26th birthday party at home and 24th birthday here.

13) Climb a mountain (it doesn't have to be Mt Everest)

Mount Singai counted or not? So nice even had the exact date and time we were there. This was quite an impromptu trip up there as well. Melissa and I both wore long jeans! Idiots. The guys all had shorts on.

Btw, that's Cs in the middle. He was so thin back then. Good job mi for fattening him up so far.

14) Learn to bartend

Well, I drink so much that I should know how to mix certain drinks already. Plus we have more than enough experience pouring drinks during CNY for dad and his friends. :)

15) Go scuba diving or at least try snorkeling

Went snorkeling at Pulau Sapi, KK. It was not bad. I would like to try scuba diving one day though.

16) Travel somewhere all by yourself

I went to Belgium all by myself to visit an ex-bf but he had no idea I was coming. All I had was an address and I spent most days wandering about all by myself too while he was at work. 

It was an experience all right. Quite daunting the minute I arrived at the station. Didn't even know if I arrived in Leueven or not cos the announcements and signs were all in French or Dutch.

17) Eat something that makes you squirm (bug etc)

Winnie and I having frogs and grasshoppers. The frogs definitely taste better. Less prickly bits. We bought these from a street cart in Bangkok after a night out. Supper in the hotel room. No, it wasn't gross at all. Maybe being tipsy helped. :)

18) Learn to speak a new language

I took Japanese classes for a while in Kuching after living with some Japanese people for a few months. I have always been fascinated with Japan - their culture, food and lifestyle. Living with them only affirmed that one day I would go to Japan! Sooner or later, I'm going. 

They taught me some Japanese words, phrases and card games. I came back to Kuching and decided to attend classes myself. Quit after a couple of months though (shame) because I went back to London for my Masters.

19) Spend a night camping under the stars

The first and last time I went camping was back in Primary 6. It was a school activity. 3 days 2 nights, if I'm not mistaken. One night in a cabin and one night in the tents. It was fun back then cos we were still kids. I wouldn't do it again - the cooking, the showering, toilet, insects part. Nope. 

Real life camping doesn't look as good as this.

20) Join an intramural sports team, even if you're not an athlete

Had to google intramural. Seems like its popular in the U.S. and Canada only

21) Splurge on an item you technically can't afford but will last for years

Like a house? Hahahha good investment what and far more realistic than an expensive bag. OK la I know what you mean. But if I have the money, I always spend it on a vacation first, house stuff, and then others (phone, ipad, clothes), in that order. 

22) Sign up to be a mentor, or spend some time volunteering (Guilty. Didn't do this.)
23) Go whitewater rafting
24) Apply for your dream job, there's no better time to try
25) Take a cross-country road trip (Cross country bus trip counted? London to Newcastle and back..did it countless times).
26) Attend a major sports event, whether its World Cup, Superbowl or World Series
27) Sign up for a summer share at a beach house, ski house or lake house (Not really popular here. In Kuching, we just go to Damai or Sematan).
28) Take a class that's totally out of your element, like golf or pottery making (No thanks.)
29) Get lost in a foreign country. Sometimes that's the best part of the trip. (Got lost in Tokyo underground - the roads are all connected. It was late at nigh and yet still soo crowded. Cs found it funny but I was so tired of walking in rounds by then that I was quite irritated). But it was an experience all right. 
30) Unplug for a full day or week (You mean laze around? Easy.)

OK. That's the whole list of 30 experiences you should supposedly experience.

What do you think? Seems like the twenties are the time to let go, try new things, live and see the world. I think I'll go google for experiences before you turn 40 first. 

This post is turning out way too long. Abrupt end.

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