Thursday, 4 November 2010

New house updates

Slowly but surely, all our furniture and stuff has arrived. Our house is no longer empty. We have not moved in yet, but we already have so much stuff everywhere. Strewn everywhere.

I think we need to learn to make use of our cabinets. Get used to organizing and keeping things. And most important, Clean as you go!

I was most looking forward to the arrival of our bedroom furniture!

I have talked about this before. Our room is small. Very small. We actually planned to knock out the balcony and enlarge our room. But management says no. Bo pien lor.

Soo...this was our room.


The bed looks huge. Vast. Taking up a good three quarters and more of the room's space. Haha. That door leads to the hall way. We have a door by the side which opens to the balcony. And another door which leads to the master room toilet, which I think is frankly a bit too big lar.

Couldn't they make the room bigger and the toilet smaller?

But never mind! No complains now. I got my bed. I mean, cs got his bed! If you followed my blog, you would know, it was cs' idea to get King size. I was all for saving up.

Plus we are both not large. We can fit nicely into a Queen sized bed. And even if we want to experiment in bed, a Queen would do fine..

It felt so good, shopping for pillows, bed sheets and duvets etc. Walking hand in hand with cs, grinning at each other, looking for discounts. Should I be ashamed that I sound damn house wifey? I don't care.

Cs and I were happily choosing bed sheets at Parkson. What colour do you like? With patterns or not? What type of duvets should we buy? Should we buy two or just one? How about pillows? Feather? Latex?

Of course this means that our salary is gone gone gone.. And is it only 4th? Well damn. But I'm not going to focus on this now.

This will be worth it. It is already worth it.

Nicely broken in already. Hehe.

I should have taken a proper photo of our room with all the bedsheets etc in it.

Our kitchen cabinets have arrived as well. We both like this much better than the wet kitchen one.

I'm sure all new house owners are like us. Noobs. We make mistakes because we have no experience. We think and think and talk to each other about it. Then we agonize over our decisions. But shit happens. Shit always happens.

The contractor we hired is shit! He messed up our tiles. His work is so bad. Our floor is not even. Our walls don't look like walls. We order kitchen cupboards and nobody told us what to expect. Little details that are so important. But how do we know?

The other day I was taking a shower, when our hot water heater burst. What I am trying to say was, there was a sound like a mini bomb. A small explosion. PONG! I screamed and cs shouted and came running in. What happened? What happened?

The water heater. No lights. No sound. Today, someone came to check it out. The person who installed it used a small wire or something like that which caused this to happen. When he was supposed to use some other wire or something. This is men's stuff - out of my league ok.

Anyway! Cipiet lar. Scared me to death.

When you are all wet and naked and covered in soap, the last thing you want to hear is a (mini) explosion right next to you.

I can start filling this with clothes!

The only thing left to do is install some more lights. We had them installed twice already. Because we are noobs and want to save money, we decided to use single tube in the spare bedrooms and then we regret.

Because it was so dark at night. And we need to use the room to change, put on make up (me of course), and use the computer (him). So, we bought new lights and had people come to install them.

We also bought a carpark sensor so it won't be so dark at night. Its better to be safe ok!

Now, all that is left are those lights. And we are home free!

That should be done within this week. Or next. Latest.

Which means, its time for that housewarming party. Finally!


Anonymous said...

NICEE...since most furniture is in, I bet both of you can't wait to decor the house with Xmas tree etc! Its lots of FUN!!! Nana :)

Amy said...

loll ya lor. cs wants to buy an xmas tree oredi. -_- hahha planning to go green gallery soooon...

Anonymous said...

yes gallery got nice trees & decors! must BUY!! Nana

Amy said...

yea...i don't think i can stop hahahha

Nana said...

Ong & i just spent RM100 at green gallery 3 days ago...xmas decor & a pillow!!! this weekend they should hv more xmas stuff liao

Amy said...

haha yea saw the FB status from u or ong. forgot. hehe..but we dont stay there yet. nobody to admire the stuff even if we buy. maybe next year? have to save $$ now.