Saturday, 27 November 2010

Italian buffet at Ristorante Beccari

Last Sunday, we went to Ristorante Beccari for Winnie's birthday dinner! FYI, the buffet dinner is available only on Sundays! Also, FYI, her actual birthday is today! 27 Nov.

Ristorante Beccari.

RM 55++ for Aduls and RM 23++ for Child aged 5-12.

Not very expensive but so worth it! If you love Italian food and all pasta and pizza in general!

Why do Italians like naked statues? Or is it Europeans? Why so hiao? Hehe

Before someone starts to lecture me, I know lar. Supposedly art or some goddess or whatever. But I am not interested and prefer to remain ignorant. Spare me.

This was at home before going out:

Mum and Winnie so dressed up!

Cherrie looks so cheap!

Caption could be: I am waiting. Legs wide open. Come baby.

Now I sound hiao wtf!

Ahem. Moving on..

The family minus me. Cos I look like shit that day..

The huge oven for the pizzas.

I watched as they slide the pizzas directly into the fire like that. Wonder how long would it take to bake hmm..

Pizzas! On a thin crust. Italian style.

Not very flattering photos sorry cos I was more interested in eating. There was just so much cheese on everything. Even the salads.

Very filling. I did not even eat much. Two slices of pizza, one helping of pasta and damn I already feel somewhat full. How ar? I haven't even tried the lasagna or the beef and lamb. What about dessert?!

Of course I did eat the rest in the end lar. Cannot waste! Damn kiasu. Have to get my money's worth! =)

Here, you choose whether you want spaghetti, linguine, penne, macaroni, etc etc. I don't remember the other names but as you can see, there are about 8 different choices.

Then you pass it to the chef, who will prepare it according to how you like it:

Choose your sauce. Cream based or tomato based.

With beef, seafood, or whatever. I just pointed at Carbonara!!! I want Carbonara! Ya, I have no imagination and I have no stomach space to try the rest.

It was veryy good! Rich creamy sauce. Yumm. But very filling!

Lasagna was mediocre. Nothing outstanding.

Balson's lasagna was much better. Balson is my cousin, a chef working at one of the restaurants in Kuching. I love his lasagna! Yumm.

They also have small platters of smoked salmon..

The birthday girl herself! I love her contacts. Gray. Nice..Goes with her dress that night.

Dad had alot of this:

Baked prawns with cheese and herbs!

It was so good! But I was so full! I only had one. Dad finished off a plate by himself.

Winnie again.

Next up is the desserts!

Rich, moist chocolate cake.

Oreo cheese and sponge cake. So sinful.

Dinner was great. Everything was rich, full of taste and yummy. But I do have one complain. The pizzas were cold! Left there for quite some time. But after that they have warm, fresh from the oven pizza so its ok. But I was too full to try it already..

It was cheese cheese and more cheese galore. Which means it was a very heavy dinner. So you can't really blame me for feeling this way:

*turns on bimbo mode*

I hate buffets. They make me so fat. After all that, I felt so guilty! We reached home by about 9pm and I ran to the treadmill to start exercising for an hour. Guilty max.


I just felt like eating salads and plain vegetables with fruit for the next few days :P

Btw, its Winnie's birthday tonight. So its Core for us tonight! Very long since I last went clubbing. Don't know if I remember how to dance. Gulp.


John Harding said...

your food so sedap..i hate the buffet food i had in Pullman!!

Amy said...

issit? why no good? not enough choices or what?