Monday, 8 November 2010

New clothes

For Cherrie!

I am too tired to write anything else. So cute photos of Cherrie will suffice for today!

Look at that face. So cute!

In the day time, she stares out of the window watching the world outside..In this case, its the construction workers working outside.

Ya. This is the outside of my house. Nightmare! This was last week.

Today, it is my neighbour's house' turn. The front of our house is now done. Paved with cement already but not 100% complete yet.

Back to Cherrie! She is so smart! Seriously. We put the shirt(?) on her for 2 days only, and she can take it off by herself already.

She wriggle backwards, bites off one sleeve and wriggle some more, bark in frustration, then bite and bark some more then she gets stuck. And looks at me pityingly.

What can I do?

I take it off for her lar. Haha.

What? What?? This does not count as taking it off herself? Haha..ok fine.

This is just my experience watching her though. Mum says that Cherrie can take it off by herself.

Maybe I should resist. Watch her struggle longer and not help her out. Okay. Maybe I will. Ha!

Last cute photo of Cherrie..

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