Thursday, 11 November 2010

Together we rebuild Kuching High

When dad told me that we were going to dinner at Borneo Convention Center, I didn't think much about it. Its just another boring night no doubt.

Dad said that he donated RM 15,000 for this event so he is sitting at the Head table with the other VVIP's, whereas we are sitting at the RM 500 VIP table.

A week before the dinner, he informed us that the event - it was to rebuild Kuching High. I was even less happy. Great. This means we get to sit and listen to speeches the whole night? With lousy food no doubt.

This is the invitation card:

And the inside:

I should have guessed they since they put so much effort into making an invitation card look this goood, (better than most wedding invitation cards already haha) the dinner and event itself should be much better.

It was definitely not what I expected!

There are a lot of photos ahead so I shall let the photos do the talking!

Inside the Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK). It was huge. There were soo many tables. The MC said there were about how many guests? About 1500? Did I listen and remember correctly? If yes, can you imagine how many tables there were inside that night?

If I remember wrongly, sorry lar.

As we waited for the guests to arrive, we were serenaded by:

two men wtf.

On the invitation card, it said cocktail party. Hmm..I suppose this is Kuching High's definition of cocktail party. With no alcohol (have to buy). Of course lar - its a fund raising event.

Kuih lapis was good.

The students from Kuching High put on a great show! This girl damn lihai. Her piano skills was awesome!

The menu. Remember, its a fund raising dinner. So, don't expect a very good menu.

Dad looking dashing!

Ladies of the Simon family..

Cs was a Kuching High student. He found his old school photo:

This was why the school was in need of funds! The fire in 2008. Dec 2008? Sorry I wasn't paying attention. I did actually but memory loss and no time to google it now.

I saw the fire (well not actually the fire. just saw the smoke clouds coming from Kch High) form my office on that day. The fire that burnt down the Science lab block.

On entrance to BCCK, this band outside started playing while we were steered to walk on the red carpet. Man it was a red carpet experience like no other. Damn embarrassing! I'm so SPK that this has never happened before ok.

As soon as we parked our car, two people came running up shaking all our hands and leading us inside. The band immediately started playing and the students lining both side began to clap. Other people came up to pin the flower on dad's chest, and overall it was just embarrassing.

The walk was too long. My face was too red. And how not to be self conscious during times like this? Mum, Winnie, Kevin and I were all red faced smiling awkwardly as we hurried along after dad. Dad had no choice. There were people leading him and talking to him all the way haha.

Btw, the person who waited at the carpark (what do you call them? Ushers) were better dressed than Kevin! Who came in jeans and t-shirt. Haha! None of us expected the night to turn out like this. Everyone so well dressed and proper etc..

This was the Head Table.

Waiting for VVIPs to arrive. About 8pm already. Hungry! Why do VVIPs have to arrive so late anyway?

Singing Negaraku and the Kuching High school song!

The students performing! Talented people. Quite impressive. I mean that Kuching High has put on quite a show for us..They were very organized and very well rehearsed.

Its makan time!

Then its the mock cheque presentation ceremony:

Alot of sponsors!! I don't remember the exact amount collected. Sorry memory loss. I have the memory of a duck? Sorry I don't know which animal to refer to now. Supposedly elephants have the longest memory don't they (Jungle Book - an elephant never forgets!). Haha I'm far from an elephant.

Take a break from all that and look at me:

I need new clothes. This dress is so overworn already!

They even managed to invite Pua Chu Kang!! From Singapore! In life! For real!! OMG!!

Yellow boots, mole and all..

He cracked jokes, played games, invited people up on stage and poked fun at everyone. Gave prizes to all those who went up on stage. I wonder what they got? Hmm..

When PCK asked for contestants to play the games, I was so surprised! The response was so enthusiastic. Soo many people volunteered. Most of them students though. A lot of people were running up on stage. It was funny and all in all a very memorable evening!

Does anyone knows this? PCK is an amazing singer! Man he can sing! Does he have his own album that I don't know of? Maybe I should google this. He sang three songs. In his normal voice -not the lawak voice!

I have to say this again. I was so impressed with what Kuching High (the school) and the committee came up with. The combined effort of the committee, teachers and students that made this event so successful!

All those YB's who went up to gave speeches were also raving about how Kuching High managed to pull off this event. For so many people at the event, and so many people taking part, you know this is quite a feat! Also, inviting PCK to the event wrapped the event up properly.

Everyone left with huge smiles on their faces. Stomachs full and oh yea emptier pockets? Hmm..

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