Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Holiday no need to work

Its public holiday in Malaysia. Hari Raya Qurban. When I ask people what is the occasion? What do Malays do on this day? They tell me: its a day when Muslims slaughter a lot of cows. Oh okay.

There's your FYI. Explanation done.

Random photos cos I so need to take more photos of my everyday life.

I feel like going to the beach on a day like this..Luckily on our last Damai trip, the weather was so good. By good, I meant that it was quite cloudy - so I can not act like a freak and embarrass myself and cover myself up at the beach. Hehe.

By the way, it is Nov 17 today! Leonids Meteor Shower. I went to google Kuching weather for tonight. All I saw were reports of thunderstorms and rain wtf!

I suppose this means I get to enjoy a good night's sleep instead of staying awake looking at the skies.

Cherrie, whom I am babysitting now, is pining for mum. She is whining and staring out the glass window waiting for mum to come back.

When I ask eli: does she do this all the time only when mum goes out, or when any of us go out?

She said only mum. Cherrie only pines for mum. Its no surprise actually. You should see the way Cherrie follows mum around. And vice versa.

So ho hum what else is new? Oh yaaaa!! I have something to complain about! Our bed broke!! The new King sized that just arrived?! Less than a month! And we don't even sleep on it every night for God's sake!

So it can't be our fault. We can't have been too rough or too hard.. Pfft. It has to be Empire's fault. Lousy wood and all that. Oh well.

It had been creaking already, and we thought: is this normal? Duh of course not but you know, busy, no time to worry about it then.

Later on..the creaks turned into one big CRACK and one side of the bed fell! FOR GOD'S SAKE!! It is a new bed! New mattress! Better don't ruin/poke holes into the mattress! Just bought bed sheets ok! Better don't screw this up Empire!

But. They were quite efficient. Two men came to repair the damage the next day and no harm done. Apparently. He said: if it happens again (wtf why should it happen again anyway? Its new!), call me again and I will try to add more wood planks. Use more quality wood this time.

So no harm done. I have yet to test the bed to see if it still creaks. Till the next time~

Moving on.

I was looking through old photos earlier. And I do have a lot to be thankful of. We have come a long way. Even though I rant and cry to myself, I will be fine.

I read somewhere that troubles seem so much worse in the middle of the night and when you are alone.

When you wake up the next morning, it seems so trivial already and you can't believe you laid awake crying over this. Small matter.

I do feel better already. It was no small matter to me but I am calm today. I can do this.


Just realized I always take photos there at night, so here is what the clubhouse looks like in the day time.

Club house is a very loose interpretation of the place btw. There are not much facilities besidea a gym and a pool. The gym consists of two treadmills, one cycling machine, and two weight lifting machines (I think).

There is also one security guy who looks so bored watching the people who are "bah swimming again /rolls eyes. get a life. aren't you people sick of it yet?"

I am bored. Its public holiday and I am waiting for time to pass so I can go to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! If it follows the book more closely, I am plenty happy.

After a few Google searches, I am pleased to report that David Yeats noted that this movie follows the book more closely as they don't have to cram everything in one movie. The first half should be more scary (supposedly). That's probably his definition of scary. I think there is nothing scary or eerie about HP at all.

Oh well. Full review of the movie after I have watched it! Tonight!

Bye! Happy holidays!

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