Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I am engaged!

After a whole day, I have decided to remove the post below. Obviously you cant see it now. Oh well. I shall post it again if I feel like it in the future. For now, I am undecided. On when to announce. And to whom. And also I am insecure and self conscious.

So. I shall just announce it here like this:


*cue confetti and fireworks!

Truth is, the excited and euphoric part has somewhat settled. This is the calm afterwards. In that few days, I was so happy I wanted to tell everyone! I told Shirley and Nifer. I told Winnie. They were all so happy for me, which made me smile non stop and thus resulting in me constantly on the brink of weeping.

But now. We are already in the midst of planning and oh the headache. The not being able to sleep at night. Cs and I lie awake at night talking and discussing. Headache. Stress. Gastric. And cs fell sick last night!

And we just started!

Damn so this is why people elope! Oh I get it now.

This is why people don't want to get married. When I say people, I am referring to men in general.

Haha. But things will work out in the end. For now, I just have to be patient. With both our jobs, we have no time to go about planning and researching. But I won't relent. I won't get a wedding planner. I can do this on my own. With cs' help of course.

Before, when I walk into Popular (the book store) and see the wedding guide book, I look at it longingly thinking when will I ever need it.

Now, when I walk into Popular and look at the book, I frown: why does a wedding guide book that tells us to save money on wedding costs RM 40+ for a magazine.

Then, as my eyes shift to the RM 17 magazine, I instantly think: oh this is the local version - must be no good stuff inside. (Typical Malaysian Chinese thinking)

Just kidding ok. I did flip through the RM 17 magazine - nothing in there that I don't already know. Besides all the wedding photography and hotels are in West Malaysia. Nothing for us here in little Kuching.

The RM 40+ magazine is wrapped of course. No way to flip through.

Oh well. I have google. The best source of information.


Miss G said... and :P


Alina said...

Congrats!! Haha how come like that CS oso can get sick? If you've choosen the date which is very near, then its definitely very stressful. You may ask around those who've taken their wedding photos & choose the bridal photography you like best!
All the best!! Kch is small, no need for a planner! DIY!

Amy said...

Miss G: Thanks!! And thanks for the websites! Very useful! Especiallt the Knot. hahaa.

Alina: Thanks! I think the weather as well - too hot! Haha. We chose a date already and the photography oredi too! Haha seems we move too fast that's why stress! lol.

John Harding said...

congratulation! no wonder i saw u smile smile walking out from popular..

Amy said...

thankss! hahaha what? when?? no lar..where got?!! =)

Evelyn said...


Amy said...

Thank u!! :)

Kitty said...

I left a comment, but i don't know why it did not appear! omg, i'm sooooo happy and excited for u! happy birthday! u must blog about how he proposedddd! i wanna go back for ur weddingggg! :)))

Amy said...

thanks kitty! he proposed? shy larr.hhahha that was the post I deleted lol. yea, u must try n come back next yr. =)