Sunday, 21 November 2010

Photos and more photos

Random photos shall suffice today! I so want to blog but not enough time. We are going out for Winnie's birthday dinner soon. Its her big 21st birthday dinner! My little sister is all grown up.

Actually Winnie always seems to me, older than her years. I don't know why. Hanging out with, talking with her, at times she seems older than 21.

Which is why, when I mentally counted Winnie's age just now, I thought that can't be right?! She is only 21? So I actually took out the calculator to double check wtf!!!

Winnie is only 21. I keep thinking she is 25 or 24. Just a few years younger than me.

Anyway..moving away from my stupidity. We are going to Restaurant Beccari - the Italian restaurant at Merdeka Palace! Pizza and pasta galore. MMmmmm...looking forward!

Photos speak for themselves..

MBO at Spring. Going to watch Harry Potter!

We went to Tray cafe for dinner and they let people write random crap on the wall with chalk.

I have always regretted not taking a photo of The Mona Lisa when I was in the Louvre. Damn regret! There are signs telling you not to take photos but screw it. I should have whipped out my camera when the guard turned his back!

Yep now the both of us have pics with Mona Lisa. With a ciggie too. Bonus.

One more.

Whoops going out now. Bye..

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