Monday, 8 November 2010

Random cryptic again

Everything is coming all at once. Whoa. What is it like to have nothing to do again? Kinda forgot that feeling. Something to look forward to all the time.

I'm a lucky bitch and I ain't complaining!

Life is fun when you're in love!

I am a working adult now. No longer a student. Working has its perks. Earning money and spending it on things that I want. Things we both want. Consult no one.

There are pros and cons on being a working adult and a student. Today, I am glad I am working. I get to do this.

Can I share this? Yes and no.

Cs and I made a spontaneous decision today that had both of us grinning from ear to ear.

We were ummm-ing and ahh-ing for a while back. But then. It feels so good now. To make this decision. To take this step!

A slip of satin and lace and oooh this is heavier that I expected. But it feels good.

I had trouble. So much trouble controlling my smile. Making sure that I am not grinning like a fool.

Cs perfected his poker face.

Only in the car, did we both laugh and laugh and laugh..

I miss today. But. There is so much to look forward to now.

We have taken that step today.

And everything seems so different now. From this side. I feel like I have crossed over. Some invisible line. The other side. It feels brighter and happier on that side.

I am shamelessly happy.

I still feel like grinning like a fool. Hence this post. Because I cannot grin like a fool. This is between us.

P/S: After reading this post, it feels so painfully obvious to me! Can you really not tell what I was talking about?


Anonymous said...

spontaneous decision? hmmmm....
hahahahaha the feelings is great huh? more excitement coming along the way! looking forward to hear the good news soon! before my baby pops ok? hahaha Nana

Amy said...

ya ya the feeling is great!! didn't expect to feel this. hehe. good news coming soon Nana! hahaa